Big Brother After Dark Premiere Recap 6/23/2016

Big Brother After Dark finally premiered for the Big Brother 18 season (after all of the misinformation provided by Pop Network) on Thursday night (6/23/2016) at 10pm PT (or 1am ET on 6/24/2016).  The first BBAD episode revealed a mystery punishment for some of the houseguests, several alliances in early formation, and a few possible showmances starting to heat up as well.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016

These recaps contain Big Brother spoilers that have not yet aired on the CBS TV show, but also offer an insight into different live camera feeds to let you know what’s going on in the house.  For more information on the Big Brother After Dark schedule, please click here.

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The first thing I noticed the mystery punishment was for the second team to fall off their rocket in the first competition of the season.  Each of the members of Team Category 4 (Frank Eudy, Bridgette Dunning, Michelle Meyer, and Paulie Calafiore) had to be as close to nude as possible.  They appeared to be wearing to be tiny nude colored underwear with just their private parts covered by a pixelated piece of cardboard, or something.  The females also had a pixelated covering for their chest.

Bridget in nude bad streaming bikini for punishment

Jozea Flores, who wasn’t even part of the punishment, had hardly any clothes on either.  He was wearing tight boxer briefs and a t-shirt and you could see all his business. When he was in a room with other people, he would cover his crotch with a pillow.  The whole Live Feeds chat room was telling him to put clothes on.

Alliances are starting to form including both male and female alliances.  As far as the male alliances, there was a discussion between Frank and Paulie about how they plan on protecting each other, as well as Corey.  It was also very clear that Paulie and Corey are in with the vets which shows that the newbie alliance may be falling apart.

There was also talk about a strong female alliance that was referred to as a trio.  It was subsequently given a name by the other houseguests discussing it to be called “Powerpuff Girls”.  Zakiyah Everette, Michelle and James Huling were primarily talking about it, but Tiffany Rousso and Da’Vonne Rogers were also in the room.  The alliance is between Bronte D’Acquisto, Bridgette Dunning, and Natalie Negrotti with the suspected pecking order being in the order of names listed.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016 3

There were also hints of a possible alliance with Nicole Franzel and Zakiyah.  Nicole was crying due to missing home (it seemed) or possibly not being invited to the house meeting that Jozea had scheduled (which never happened) and Zakiyah comforted her.  Shortly after, when Zakiyah left, she promised to tell Nicole what happened in the meeting.  Other players not invited to the meeting include Michelle, James and Corey Brooks.

Jozea has gotten himself into some deep trouble with several houseguests, even Zakiyah, who he is supposed to be in an alliance with (along with Paul Abrahamian).  He made comments about feeling that the 4th of July shouldn’t be a holiday and general anti-American sentiments.  James is a vet and served for six years, so he responded with “a lot of Americans died for our freedom” and Jozea callously said “ain’t nobody told them to do that”.

There are definitely some flirtmances going on.  Zakiyah and Paulie were shown cuddling in quite a few scenes, always with other people in the room.  James and Michelle were laying in a bed together and definitely seemed to be flirting. Bronte was petting Paul’s head at one point in rather a fond way.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016

In addition, Nicole and Corey seem a little chummy as well. There was talk of Corey and Jozea and their relationship name of Cozea.  Apparently, there was some dirty talk involved.  They were unaware of whether they were on the Live Feeds yet or not, and Corey was embarrassed and joked that people will think he’s gay, which he told to Nicole and James.  However, he did not seem to sound homophobic about it at all.

On the flip side, Paul says that Bridgette will freak out if she falls asleep and a guy gets into the bed to sleep as well since she has a boyfriend.  She has been hogging a double bed all to herself.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016 5

Much of the night, the first round of have-nots had been hemming and hawing since their punishment was up at midnight.  The have-nots were Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Paul and Jozea.  A feast was being planned with Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte cooking the whole meal and cleaning up after.  The feast was macaroni and cheese, barbeque chicken and potatoes.  In addition, Paul had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with bacon!).  This was probably a good thing since Paul was feeling sick and appeared clammy because he hadn’t eaten – apparently he doesn’t like the slop.

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