Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 35: Christie Helps Jackson’s Target Grow

It was a very quiet day in the Big Brother 21 house, at least compared to the last few days of alliance revamping, debating, and negotiating. The houseguests mainly wanted to enjoy a week that seems settled on evicting Isabella Wang over Jack Matthews. Thanks to Cliff Hogg III, and the threat of Christie Murphy’s power, the Six Shooters get to enjoy another week together, but it could be their last one.

Ever since Jack and Jackson Michie went on the block together, Christie has been very anti-Jackson. Originally, it seemed like she was only against Jackson because Jack was one of her ride or dies, so to keep Jack safe, Jackson needed to go. Now, presumably, both men are safe, but Christie still wants Jackson gone soon. She might even want him gone as soon as next week.

The next eviction is the last time to get a player out before jury begins, so Christie may go full force on trying to get him out. As of now, Christie basically has some sort of deal or alliance with everyone left in the game. She doesn’t need the Six Shooters. She also doesn’t want to be caught between two couples who will pick each other over her. Jack has some sort of thing with Analyse Talavera, but everyone knows his true heart and game belongs to Christie. Tommy Bracco and Christie are basically family, so that means Jackson, Analyse, and Holly Allen are the weak links in Christie’s chain. However, Christie seems to have pulled Analyse closer to her than the rest of the six, which just leaves Jackson and Holly as obstacles.

She wouldn’t mind sending either of them home next week, but she really doesn’t like how Jackson treated her last week. She wants him gone and made sure to plant seeds against him yesterday. Jackson hasn’t been doing himself any favors, but Christie made sure to continue to turn the screw of Jackson’s demise. Christie had one talk where she made sure to mention all Jackson’s bad behavior to Analyse.

Then later, she further discussed how Jackson treats women, his rogue vote, and the million other Jackson offenses with Kathryn Dunn. Kat even let Christie in on a little secret: she wants to win Head of Household and then backdoor Jackson. She even mentioned how she was looking at the memory wall to count votes against Jackson. She also revealed to Christie that she wanted David Alexander to return to the game and take out Jackson.

Christie admitted that she wants Jackson out as well, and even wants him out before jury. She said she was never a fan of him, and only worked with him because of their alliance. Now she’s ready to get Jackson out of the game and she might not wait much longer.

Meanwhile, Nick Maccarone and Bella spoke to Tommy and basically told him some of their game frustrations, like how Christie gets to do whatever she wants in the game, but if they do the same thing, they’re considered sketchy. Nick and Bella also tried to figure out a plan that saved Bella this week. The best that they could come up with was getting Jackson on their side, and then he could get the two other votes they needed. This forces a tie, which Cliff would break.

Cliff, Nicole Anthony, and Kat discussed whether it was a realistic possibility (and a good game move) to split the votes down the middle, letting Cliff be the tie vote to get out Jack. They weren’t sure if the plan was too risky and would just make them targets to the Six Shooters.

There was also a lot of speculation and discussion about this week’s Head of Household competition and whether it would be the wall endurance competition.

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