Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Ragan Fox

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Ragan Fox

Ragan Fox - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Ragan Fox, 34, is a college professor from West Hollywood, CA. Yes, he is also as gay as gay gets – he’s from West Hollywood people! If you aren’t familiar with WeHo, let’s just say you can’t step into the neighborhood without stepping on a gay. We genuinely think it may simply be the gayest place on Mother Earth. As such, Ragan would obviously fit right in there.

Ragan describes himself as “funny, genuine, intelligent” and his favorite activities include “writing and performing poetry” and his podcast show, aired on Sirius Radio, featuring his “comedic take on pop culture and politics.” You can take a listen to Ragan’s past “Fox and the City” podcasts here, the last one is dated March 31 with the description: “Marble Slam mentality; Love twat; whale rape; and so much more.”

During one podcast episode, Ragan – portraying a caricature of Courtney Love – apparently shocked and horrified some of his listeners by saying: ” I give myself lots of abortions…I give myself abortion with pills, I call it pillbortion…I throw myself down the stairs, I call it stairbortion…I douche with Clorox…”

Naturally, Ragan hates homophobes and ultra conservatives, as well as anyone 18 to 23 (the age range of the students he teaches). He is most proud in his life of publishing two poetry collections published: Heterophobia and Exile in Gayville.

Anyone see a theme here? Gay = good. Homophobia = bad!

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More Tidbits About Ragan Fox

Ragan is so far playing his strategy to the hilt, which basically entails “float until war is declared and the floaters align with strong players who are perceived to be bigger threats.” So far Ragan has kept himself safe by being friendly to virtually everyone, not pissing people off and not getting too strongly attached to anyone in particular. That prevents him from looking bad by association.

Unlike Kathy, Ragan seems to inspire others to like him and want to be social with him. So he’s so far much safer as a floater than she is. People just frankly don’t seem to care much about Kathy either way for the most part, so she’s an obvious pawn to put up on the block any time.

Ragan, who has thankfully has not worn that silly bowtie of his around the house all season as we feared he might, has been a fan of Big Brother since season 2. He claims to be a “very competitive person” and we believe it. So far Ragan has played a subtle game, but we think it’s a smart one too.

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Sleuthing Ragan:

Ragan LOVES to make his thoughts and feelings about the world at large known to as many people as possible. In addition to his podcasts, Ragan also maintains a blog at He wants all of us to know that “gay men love expensive furniture” and is annoyed that all drink coasters seem to be so tacky! Ragan’s ramblings about pop culture, politics and various other topics can be found scattered all over the Net pretty much. You can also check out various videos of Ragan, including the passionate poetry reading below, at Of all the contestants, Ragan has the most extensive Wikipedia entry we found before the season started – quite detailed in fact!

Ragain maintains a lengthy profile at featuring several videos of his poetry reading. According to his profile, his middle name is Cooper, he was born May 9, 1976 and is a professor of communication at California State University in Long Beach. He holds a B.S. and an M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D. from Arizona State University.

In addition to his two published poetry chapbooks, Ragan’s work has been featured in Out, Genre, the Austin-American Statesman and such websites as and Out supposedly declared Ragan one of the “gays leading the way in online media’s next big thing.”

On his Twitter feed, Ragan calls himself America’s Next Top Bottom, which really tells us way more than we wanted to know about his bedroom tendencies. Ragan also has a Flickr page here, but if he has any photos up, they are blocked as private. There is a Ragan Fox community page on Facebook and his personal page is at

Some interesting trivia on Ragan Fox from

  • Fox’s sister Tina is on the cover of V.C. Andrews’ book Garden of Shadows, a prequel to Flowers in the Attic.
  • Ragan is the highest finishing GLBTQ-identified poet in the history of the individual competition at the National Poetry Slam.
  • Fox was briefly roommates with Wammo, lead singer of the Asylum Street Spankers.
  • One of Fox’s brothers is Randy Powers, a prominent interior decorator in Houston. Randy is also gay. They share a mother whose birth name is Gay. Randy and Ragan are Gay’s only children.
  • “Fox and the City” was named “Best Podcast” in the Phoenix New Times “Best of 2006” contest.
  • Fox attended Cy-Fair High School with folk singer Jolie Holland. Fox and Holland graduated from the school in 1994.
  • Our Thoughts on Ragan:

    We’ve been fond of Ragan since the first bits of information about the Houseguests started coming out. From the start, he has seemed sensible, reasonable, smart and he’s watched every episode of Big Brother from seasons past. He knows what goes on and how it works in the BB house. Matt may call himself the genius of the house, Brendon obviously has some brains and a few of the other hamsters aren’t too dim. As far as using the brains god gave him to get ahead in the game, however, we think Ragan has been doing the best job of it so far.

    Ragan Fox
    Ragan Fox reading poetry on YouTube

    We aren’t really sure why Ragan seems to have this thing for Matt – a total jerk-off in our opinion, although it isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it seemed to be when they first got into the house. When the Saboteur announced two people in the house were friends before Big Brother 12 started, we kind of wondered if Ragan and Matt could be the two people in question. Then the whole Brendon, Rachel, Andrew weirdness thing got heated and we started suspecting it might be Brendon and Andrew instead. At this point, we’re clueless – and the whole thing could have just been a lie to stir things up anyway.

    Of all the Houseguests right now, we feel Ragan is possibly playing the deepest and most successful game. No one really seems to hate him or be all that bothered by him. No one seems to consider him a power player to be feared or an annoyance to be stomped out. He is friendly with members of the Brigade enough that we don’t see them putting him on the block unless there isn’t another decent choice. We don’t really thing Brendon or Rachel have it in for him either. He even seems to get along okay with the Hayden/Kristen duo, as well as floaters Kathy and Britney.

    Ragan is passing himself off as someone that is trustworthy, likeable and totally non-threatening. This boy is pretty damned smart in our humble opinion.

    [Video source:]

    Chances of Winning:

    At this point, Ragan is one of our favorite Houseguests, but we think it might be kind of tough for him to pull off a win. The Brigade alliance will dump him onto the block if they feel they need to for any reason. So will Rachel/Brendon or Hayden/Kristen. The floaters would put him up too if they felt it was a good game move. However, right now, everyone has way bigger targets they seem to be far more interested in getting rid of. Ragan could also easily be added to any alliance for extra votes and the rest of the HGs are probably very aware of this. So right now, Ragan is probably safe for at least several more weeks to come.

    We originally predicted Ragan as someone who would at least last past mid-season and maybe even make it to the final five or better. As far as winning it all, something would definitely have to happen to kill off the strong alliances in the house before that could happen. Still, Ragan just might be a dark horse to look out for…

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