Big Brother 21-Week #4 Power Rankings-Has the Power Structure Been Disrupted?

Another week in the Big Brother 21 house has come and gone. This week the first outsider, Cliff Hogg III, won Head of Household and taken a shot at some of this season’s power players. Unfortunately, his power move fell flat when Christie Murphy‘s power threatened to take over his Head of Household, and he seceded his power by nominating Isabella Wang in Jackson Michie‘s place when he won the week 4 Power of Veto.

But what impact has all of this had? Has much changed in the overall power structure? Once again, it’s time to find out with our Big Brother 21 week Power Rankings.

13. Isabella Wang

It really sucks that Cliff didn’t follow through and go after another member of the Six Shooters when Christietrusted him enough to not use her Diamond Power of Veto. He had the chance to take a shot, but instead tried to secure some safety by playing it safe and doing the Six Shooters’ bidding by nominating Bella. Her chances are pretty much slim to none since Kathryn Dunn and Jessica Milagros are too stupid to see the big picture. Maybe she and Nick Maccarone can campaign their asses off and pull off a miracle. Certainly Sam Smith and Nicole Anthony would keep Bella if they had the votes, but it looks like those odds are slim to none, and the status quo will continue for yet another week in the lackluster Big Brother 21 house.

12. Nick Maccarone


Nick took his chances this week trying to push for Cliff to go after a power player instead of Bella, but it all backfired and now she’s in the hot seat. Now Nick looks to become the next big target. If he or Sam doesn’t win Head of Household, he could be in a world of hurt, and somewhat deservedly so since he didn’t listen to Nicole last week when she told him that the rest of Gr8ful wanted him gone. Nick is almost more resigned than Bella is to what’s going to happen this Thursday. She has some fight in her but he realizes the gravity in their situation and thinks his butt is on the line next week. He’s not wrong. There’s not much he can do at this point. He may very well be fighting for his life next week, and while he has a few friends in there, they aren’t sticking their necks out for him, as many of them are just content to hoping that the major powers split up sooner rather than later. Wishful thinking, if I may say so myself.

11. Sam Smith

Tommy Bracco has been after him for some time now and with the endurance Head of Household coming up, his number could be up soon. Many of the houseguests like Sam but that’s precisely why they realize he’s such a threat. If he managed to sneak into a bigger alliance, he really could go a long ways in this game. Sam is likable, a decent competitor, and hasn’t really given people a reason to target him, besides just being someone who could win the game. Tommy and Christie see this, as do some of their allies, but I think he might be in a better spot than his buddy Nick. People are growing tired of Nick as he gets desperate in his attempts to save himself and Bella in the game. The next week is going to determine a lot for Sam and where he ultimately stands in the game. I think he messed up last week by not pushing Nick into making a bigger and necessary move against Jack Matthews or Jackson.

10. Jessica Milagros

Sorry, but Jessica is incredibly frustrating. She refuses to see what’s right in front of her face. Most shocking of all is that she has overheard conversations with her own ears showing that there are alliances going on without her, yet she continues this self-denial that there are no sides in the house. Please. Jessica is going nowhere in this game but maybe a losing finalist if she’s lucky. She’s not a good competitor. She’s not a strategic thinker. She’s not making good moves. She’s not making any moves. She’s just kind of worthless and probably the most disappointing person cast for this season. Truly, I wish she’d gone out in the first competition instead of David Alexander. Next.

9. Nicole Anthony


Poor Nicole can’t catch a break. Nobody but Cliff wants to play with her, and Cliff is messing up her game for her yet again. Sure, she could have pushed harder for Cliff to backstab Christie, but Nicole’s position is taking a hit while Cliff and Kathryn’s go up a bit. The Six Shooters saved her and would like to use that but she could end up as a victim of circumstance. I think Nicole is smart enough to make decent plays to stick around, but it all depends on who is willing to work with her. I’d really, really like to see the Six Shooters split up while she’s in the game, because I think she could pick up some of the pieces like Holly Allen and have some people to actually work with. Heck, she is willing to save Bella and Nick who did her so wrong last week. The fact that she can get past that says a lot, but unfortunately people like Kathryn and Jessica are making it hard for Nicole to have any room to do anything in this game because they are just willing to squander the numbers.

8. Cliff Hogg III

Cliff messed up his Head of Household, royally. But I think perhaps he might have secured a week or two of safety for himself. That means next to nothing when he’s looking from the outside in, but I guess it was worth it from his perspective. I just wish Cliff had the balls to make the ultimate move this week. Honestly, convincing Christie he’d put up Bella and nominating her or Tommy would have been legendary. But instead it’ll be remembered as a major blunder and perhaps the reason why someone from Six Shooters ends up winning Big Brother 21 instead of someone that the fan base can actually get behind.

7. Kathryn Dunn

While Kat has been entertaining, she’s really been kind of a flop strategically (See: Jess, except she’s not entertaining). She does have decent relationships with some of the Six Shooters, which I cannot say for Jess, so that’s something to consider. But I still think it’s incredibly disappointing that she’s complacent to just let a known alliance of six stay together when they could have the numbers to take Jack out this week. Kat is too concerned with things that don’t matter, like personal drama. While she might be in a decent spot and able to skate by for a bit due to her connections with Holly and Christie, ultimately I believe she’ll regret not trying to do something this week. I wish Nicole, Cliff or Sam were able to convince her to do otherwise.

6. Jackson Michie


Jackson has taken a decent fall from grace this week. I believe, had he not won the Power of Veto, he could have been going home. Tommy and Christie are sick of him, he’s isolated Holly, and most of the rest of the house don’t really care for his antics. Let’s not even get into the fact that Jackson is apparently been sneaking food as a Have Not. He’s become the most expendable Six Shooter and some of them are almost ready to take a shot at him themselves. Jackson is a ticking time bomb and the week on slop has done him no favors. Perhaps when he’s eating more, he’ll fall back in line but it seems he’s done some irreversible damage, and a lot of his secrets in the game have made the rounds thanks to Christie.

5. Analyse Talavera

Analyse Talavera  continues to exist. And that’s about it. I think she’s a likely contender to take Head of Household and perhaps finally be forced to play the game, but likely she’ll do whatever Christie and Tommy tell her to do, and strategically be a non-entity. I’m not sure what else there is to say. Maybe with Bella gone, she can re-establish her bond with Nick and have some side deals going on, but she seems angry with him since his plot to have Cliff nominate her. I’d say watch this space but I’m not optimistic.

4. Jack Matthews

It’s insane that they are going to let Jack stay this week. Nick has been beating the drum that he needs to go and that he’ll win this game if they don’t get rid of him this week. I don’t agree with him because I think Tommy and Christie pull Jack’s strings, but it is stupid for many of them to keep him. It’s really not advantageous to anyone outside of the Six Shooters, and I’m not sure how much he really benefits someone like Holly in the long run either. When comparing him and Bella, it should be obvious who should go, and who is a threat standing in the way for most of them, but this game isn’t being played by rocket scientists, is it?

3. Holly Allen


I don’t think Holly has really done anything wrong this week, but Michie’s break up and whatever has been going on has probably weakened her position a bit. Jackson is one of her strongest allies and if that’s been damaged or if he becomes a big target, that’s not great for her. Fortunately, Holly has many other ties, but I do think that right now she’s in a bit of flux, and she’s not seen as valuable to most of the house in the way that Tommy and Christie are, which is likely because she has a much lower profile than the both of them.

2. Tommy Bracco

Tommy hasn’t really slipped, but I don’t think he’s not been as on his game this week. Christie is making more connections thanks to her power and her paranoia, where Tommy is sort of coasting. Last week, he was building a strong game relationship with Analyse  But I feel like he’s taken his foot off the gas a bit and now is kind of just drifting. I think there’s a good shot he could win Head of Household if it’s a wall-type endurance competition, and we’ll see what he’s capable of, but I think Christie has outshined him this week quite a bit.

1. Christie Murphy


Christie has been getting in closer with Cliff, Sam, Kathryn, and even Jess. Whether she legitimately is looking for options outside of the Six Shooters or just stringing them along, it’s impossible to deny that she has a lot of say and power in that house. It’s been hard to compare her to past Big Brother female power players like Amanda Zuckerman or Vanessa Rousso, because she’s not quite them, but it’s undeniable (which is painful to say) that she’s running the game right now. I think she’s more out in front than Tommy, so she may be targeted first, but especially with her power in play for two more weeks, I don’t see any way that her positioned is threatened in the coming weeks. More than likely, she’ll continue to use it to strengthen where she stands.

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