Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (07/22/19)

In terms of game play, this has been one of the more interesting Big Brother 21 weeks. For three straight weeks, the Gr8ful alliance has been in charge and safe. However, a couple events threw them to the bottom. First, they betrayed each other with the blindside vote that sent Cliff Hogg III out the game. Then he won back in the game and Head of Household. Cliff didn’t play it safe, because he took a big swing at power players Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie. He was set to take one of them out, but then the Power of Veto competition gave Jackson a new life, and might give Jack one as well.

Power of Veto

Then all eyes were on Christie Murphy to use her Whacktivity Power and activate the Diamond Power of Veto. All weekend, Christie has debated and debated about whether to use it. Yesterday, she decided not to use it after Cliff and her talked about maybe working out a deal where Christie picked between Analyse Talavera and Holly Allen to go up on the block next to Jack or for him to just backdoor Isabella Wang, which saved her from having to use her power. The deal seemed done. But was it?

All yesterday, Cliff talked to his allies to figure out if he should really honor his agreement with Christie and nominate Bella. If he did stick to the plan, he wanted to make sure he built trust with the Six Shooters and they kept him safe for two weeks. The Six Shooters agreed not to target Cliff, and Cliff agreed to backdoor Bella, but nothing is final until someone takes a seat on the block.

So did Christie’s power get activated? Did Cliff stay true to his word to the Six Shooters?


********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Jackson used the Power of Veto on him. Christie did not activate her power, and Cliff nominated Bella as the replacement nominee. On Thursday, either Bella or Jack will leave the Big Brother 21 house for good.

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