Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 6 Recap: Round Three HOH Crowned

After two rounds of Celebrity Big Brother 3, Mirai Nagasu and Teddi Mellencamp have been eliminated from the game in just the last week. Chris Kirkpatrick was the latest Head of Household, and he successfully targeted Mirai which he saw as a big threat to his game.

In tonight’s episode, a new HOH will be crowned and two new celebrity houseguests will be nominated to the block for eviction. The Celebrity Big Brother 3 game is moving quickly, but alliances are still reigning supreme inside the house. Who will win the power in round 3, and which celebrities will be the target? Let’s find out now.

Round Two Eviction Aftermath

Mirai is out the door even though Chris Kattan practically begged his fellow celebrities to vote him out. Either Chris just really doesn’t understand the game of Big Brother or he really wants to quit and go home. Even after Mirai was voted out, Chris Kattan didn’t understand what he did wrong and why he is still in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. His fellow houseguests assured him he did nothing wrong, but he still just doesn’t get it.

Celebrity Big Brother House Divided

The house is clearly divided against Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey. Meisha Tate is clearly running the Big Brother house. Carson and Cynthia are in fear that if Meisha wins HOH this week, they will be on the block for eviction.

Meisha has the Athletes alliance in her corner which includes Meisha, Lamar Odom, Todrick Hall, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Todd Bridges. Chris Kirkpatrick is very close with Shanna Moakler now, so he may not be much longer for the athlete’s alliance. Time will tell how long he sticks with them.

Round Three Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Ski Strip and is hosted by former Celebrity Big Brother player Kato Kaelin. This is how it works…the houseguests will be challenged to unclothe from their snow attire to hot tub attire as quickly as possible. The catch is that they must keep three buttons pressed while undressing. If all three buttons remained pressed, the timer runs at normal speed.

If one button is let go, the clock goes 10 times faster, if two buttons are let go, then the clock goes 30 times faster. If there are no buttons pressed, the clock will run sixty times faster which is equal to one minute for each second on the clock.

Each player will take their turn one at a time. The player that changes clothes in the fastest time will win the HOH competition.

Times for the competition are as follows:

Todrick finished in 6:54
Chris Kattan timed out
Todd finished in 48:36
Cynthia finished in 70:46
Meisha finished in 5:50
Shanna finished in 23:48
Lamar finished in 22:46
Carson finished in 10:30

Meisha won her second HOH competition.

Round Three Block Nominations Ceremony

Cynthia is in a final two deal with Carson. While walking through the Big Brother house, Cynthia overheard Meisha tell Chris Kattan he was going to be safe this round and not to worry. She immediately took this info back to Carson.

They are now both even more worried about going on the block for eviction this round. Meisha has not kept it a secret that she wants Carson and Cynthia out of the game.

Meisha was true to her game and nominated Carson and Cynthia to the block for eviction. They will both have the Power of Veto competition to try and save their games. Will either of them be able to take themselves off the block?

Tune back in with us Friday, February 11 for the POV competition and live eviction.

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