Big Brother 20 Episode 25 Recap: Scottie Can’t Catch a Break Even From Zingbot

We watched as Faysal Shafaat was thoroughly duped last episode by his Big Brother 20 house buddy JC Moundiux into believing that Scottie Salton had the hots for his girl, Haleigh Broucher, and was out to have Fessy evicted.  Turns out, this was all part of an elaborate plan to throw Scottie under the bus and have his own alliance member target him for eviction.  The plan worked perfectly and Fessy fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton

The chaos and conflict began when both Scottie and Brett Robinson took credit for the one and only vote cast to save Rockstar Lantry at the last live eviction vote.  After being filled with nonsense from JC about Scottie’s true intentions, Fessy decided to put both houseguests on the block and let the truth come out that way.  Problem is, Scottie doesn’t have anyone taking his back in the Big Brother house other than Haleigh, while Brett has Level 6 doing all they can to make Fessy believe the hoax.

Block Nominations Aftermath

Scottie certainly has his back against the wall this week.  Level 6 is all about getting Scottie evicted as he sits on the block next to one of their own ally members.  A miracle is in order for Scottie in the form of the Power of Veto.  If Scottie can pull off that miracle, that will force Fessy into casting a replacement nomination in Scottie’s place which would hopefully put more pressure on Level 6.

Level 6 is ecstatic that JC convinced Fessy about the Brett hoax, but they also know that Scottie cannot win the POV.  If Scottie wins the POV, then he will take himself of the block, and Fessy will have to nominate one of the Level 6 members as there is no one else to nominate sans Sam Bledsoe.  They will be gunning for Scottie in the POV competition.

Haleigh is very upset that Fessy nominated Scottie to the block this week, who is the only houseguest on their side in the Big Brother house.  She flat out told Fessy that the other side of the house is playing him and actually playing a great game of Big Brother.  She can’t understand why Fessy can’t see what she can inside the house.  Haleigh is bound and determined to play in the POV comp, win and take Scottie off the block.  Can this Level 6/JC hoax cause a rift between the showmance duo?

Zingbot Drops By the House

The zings this year are as good as always.  Here is a quick breakdown of what Zingbot dished out to the remaining houseguests during the visit in Big Brother 20 house.

Big Brother 20 Zingbot

Angela…people say robots are heartless, emotionless, and soulless.  Did I say robots?  I meant Angela. ZING! ZING! ZING!

Haleigh…I have a question for you.  What do you call someone who is blonde, blue-eyed and has a crush on Brett?  Scottie.  ZING!  ZING!

Kaycee…you have all the Big Brother viewers shouting, Let’s Go….to another channel.  ZING!  ZING! Za Za ZING!

Brett…you always seem so fresh and clean which makes sense since you’re a giant douche. ZING a Dingy Ding!

Welcome to Big Brother Burger, can I take your order?  Yes, I would like something extra greasy, burnt to a crisp, and with a side of zits.  Sounds like you want a…Tyler.  ZING! ZING! ZING!

Fessy, I was surprised to learn you were a part-time teacher considering you are a full-time moron.  Every child left behind.  ZING!

JC…the only thing thicker than your accent is your back hair.  Za Za Za ZING!

Haleigh, you were so good at reading Hamlet, but the real Shakespearean tragedy was your HOH reign.  To ZING or not to ZING…to ZING!

Sam, you love to tell everyone how real you are.  You are real…real f$%^ng crazy!  ZING!

Power of Veto Competition

Time to pick players for the POV competition.  In addition to Scottie, Brett and Fessy, Angela Rummans, Haleigh, and Tyler Crispin are picked to play in this week’s competition.  Level 6 is more than satisfied with this pick of players.  2 of the 3 extra players are from their alliance.

Time for Hide-n-Seek Veto hosted by Zingbot.  Each houseguest has a folder that they must hide in the Big Brother house.  Each player will have 3 minutes privately inside the house to hide their folder.  Then, one by one, houseguests will take turns rummaging through the house looking for the hidden folders for 2 minutes each turn.  The owner of the last folder left inside the Big Brother house will win the golden POV.

The players take turns running through the house hiding their folders.  There are some great hiding spots this year.  Tyler hid his folder in a pair of Sam’s jeans inside her personal bin.  Fessy and Scottie both hid their folders inside drawers underneath where you would actually have to feel to find the folder.  Angela hid her folder inside the oven, wrapped in aluminum foil and topped with coffee grinds to resemble the crusty bottom of the dirty oven.  Brett hid his inside of a thick pillow at the bottom of a large pillow pile in the have not room.  Each time Brett entered the house looking for folders, he added more mattresses and furniture on top of the pillow pile to make it virtually impossible to find his folder.  Finally, Haleigh hid her folder inside one of the ottoman’s in the living room.

Big Brother 20 POV

Tyler found the first veto folder and it belonged to Angela.  Next, Scottie found Tyler’s folder.  Fessy found Haleigh’s folder in the ottoman.  Scottie found Fessy’s folder making this his second folder found in the Big Brother house.  Haleigh found the last folder which belonged to Scottie.  There is only one folder left inside the Big Brother house, and that one belongs to Brett making him the winner of this week’s golden POV.

The destruction inside the Big Brother house this year for the Hide-n-seek competition is beyond belief.  Scottie poured a gallon of milk and a gallon of chocolate milk all around the house and all over the floors.  Fessy poured flour and/or sugar all over the kitchen.  The house is in desperate need of a good cleaning for sure.  Have fun houseguests finding a matching pair of socks anytime soon.

Big Brother 20 POV

Power of Veto Ceremony Anticipation

Now that Brett has won the POV, he will use the power and take himself off the block.  Fessy willl have to nominate a replacement to the block for eviction this week alongside Scottie.  Sam went to Fessy and suggested he nominate Haleigh to the block…his showmance partner.  Fessy is astonished that Sam made this suggestion to him.  Fessy tells her that he will have to think long and hard about this one.

Interestingly, Scottie makes the same suggestion to Fessy for the replacement nominee.  He tries to sell Fessy on the fact that he will get no blood on his hands by evicting Haleigh as everyone wants to see her gone.  Fessy sure has a lot to consider.  Who will Fessy pick to go on the block with Scottie?

Join us again tomorrow at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the final POV nominations and the live eviction.

Big Brother 20

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