Big Brother 20 Week 8 Power Ranking-Can Tyler Be Dethroned?

It’s that time again to rank the Big Brother 20 players. Faysal Shafaat started last week in a terrible position, and this week isn’t much better. Fortunately for him, two other players have gotten in an even worse position this Big Brother 20 week. Not too surprisingly, being so naive has managed to keep Haleigh Broucher and Faysal a little safer this week, more so him than her.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen

Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen still want Faysal and Haleigh out, but they may be willing to have someone else do their dirty work, or not touch them at all until they get a couple other Big Brother 20 players out. Sam Bledsoe has been made the biggest shift, but for the wrong reasons.

Read below to see where all the Big Brother 20 players ranked this week.

9. Scottie

Big Brother 20 Scotite Salton

Unless a miracle happens, Scottie Salton is going home this week. Scottie’s Big Brother life was on borrowed time, because Level 6 has wanted him out for awhile. Additionally, Scottie never really solidified himself with the Hive or Level 6, but the biggest reason for Scottie’s eviction is this nonsensical move by Faysal. He did Level 6’s work for them. On a positive note, if a member of the Big Brother 20 jury returns, unless it’s a crapshoot, Scottie is the odds favorite against anyone but Tyler.

8. Sam

Sam has been shifting from being in the best position to being a middle level spot. This week, she has dropped all the way down to the bottom of the leader board. Sam has been exhibiting questionable behavior: One minute, she wants to go home, and the next she’s trying to get someone to take out their own ally. Since Sam is openly targeting Angela and Haleigh, there is a good chance that she’ll be on a lot of people’s radar next week.

7. Faysal

Faysal set himself up pretty terribly going into next week. The only way he’s completely safe is if Haleigh or JC Mounduix win this week’s Head of Household. Sam would also likely keep him safe, but all three players haven’t won many of these Big Brother 20 competitions.  So it’s more likely that one of Level 6, probably Brett Robinson, will win Head of Household, and then send Faysal out the door for an awkward Hive reunion with Scottie.

6. Haleigh

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh’s position has slightly improved this week, but also not by much. Angela and Tyler won’t directly try to take out Haleigh, but almost everyone else, besides Fayal, will go for Haleigh. However, if she’s sitting next to Faysal, who has won more competitions, Haleigh will probably be safe.

5. Brett

Brett really has dropped to the bottom of the Level 6 alliance. Pretending to be out of the loop has really made him out of it. If Level 6 needs to sacrifice a team member, Brett will be the one to go. It seems like Brett suspects this as well, so it’ll be interesting to see if he sticks with Level 6 or try to form a new path to the finals.

4. JC

Somehow JC Mounduix becomes the target, but then someone else manages to make themselves an even bigger target, and JC fades back to the background. If thispattern continues, JC is going to slip on by all the way to the finals, and win Big Brother 20.

3. Kaycee

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

It would take a strange set of circumstances to image any scenario where Kaycee Clark leaves the game before anyone else. However, Angela and Tyler continue to grow closer, which makes it more and more likely that they both would cut her in the final three. However, Tyler has repeatedly promised her that she’s his final two. Additionally, Kaycee has the potential to become the new pawn star. If this happens, someone may take a shot at her to hurt Angela and Tyler’s numbers.

2. Angela

Angela still isn’t well liked by Bayleigh Dayton, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and I’m sure she won’t be liked by other members of the Hive. So Angela has a high chance of losing Big Brother 20, but she’s likely to make it far in the game. And if she makes it far enough, it could change the narrative surrounding her.

1. Tyler

Tyler went from enemy number one, to pretty much safe in most scenarios, if not all. There is still a chance that the house will wake up and ban together to take him out, but that might be fan fiction.

Who do you think is playing the best game this week? Who is playing the worst?

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