Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 61 Highlights: Scottie Pitches to Target Sam

On Saturday, Sam Bledsoe, Brett Robinson, and Scottie Salton discussed trying to get Faysal Shafaat to target Haleigh Broucher this week instead of Scottie. Brett knew this was a bad idea. However, Sam was convinced that it would work because her influence over Faysal was so strong, and Scottie just wanted some revenge.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe and Faysal Shafaat

Sunday kicked off with Scottie and Sam making these pitches to Faysal. Scottie compared Haleigh to Kaitlyn Herman, and said that she was playing them like Kaitlyn played Faysal and Tyler Crispen. Sam threw in some extra incentive to get Faysal to nominate Haleigh: She would stop smoking if he did it.

Despite her best efforts, Faysal didn’t agree to nominate Haleigh. After his pitch, Scottie goes around discussing his plan with Level 6. He gloats about how he plans to give a crazy speech to throw Haleigh under the bus. Level 6 isn’t on board with it as much as he thought. Angela Rummans actually changes her tune, and she starts to say that Haleigh always had Scottie’s best interest at heart.

Angela tells him this because she’s worried that Scottie’s speech might put a target back on Tyler or herself. Once Faysal and Haleigh get alone time, Faysal tells Haleigh about Scottie’s pitch to him. She then goes to be alone and cry, but Tyler, Kaycee Clark, and Angela happen to see her crying, so they comfort her.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark, Angela Rummans, and Tyler Crispen

Later, Faysal, Angela, Haleigh, and Tyler all discuss their new deal to make it to the top four, and then go after each other. Faysal also talks with Kaycee about making her the pawn. The reason he picked her instead of Sam is because Sam is too much of a wildcard. Putting her on the block risks Scottie staying. He believes that if Scottie stays in the house, he’s coming right after Faysal.

Later, a sad Scottie admits to Haleigh that he was pitching to get her on the block. However, he claims he just did it to make it look like they were enemies now. He said he’s just confused and hurt. Scottie then returned to Faysal’s HOH room to make a new pitch to get out Sam. He said that Sam is the shady one and trying to turn him against Haleigh. After that conversation, Faysal admits that the conversations with Scottie made him consider putting up Sam.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton and Faysal ShafaatBut Faysal said it also proved that Scottie is too good at influencing people, so he needs to go. Kaycee was the only way to ensure Scottie’s eviction because she has two guaranteed votes (Angela and Tyler). She only needs one more for a tie and two more for an eviction.

Going into today’s Big Brother 20 Power of Veto ceremony, Brett plans to use the Power of Veto on himself. Then he will name Kaycee as the replacement, basically sealing Scottie’s game fate.

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