Big Brother 13 Episode 22: Live Eviction and Head of Household Results

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There is so much insanity going on in the Big Brother 13 house tonight that we are beside ourselves with glee! Seriously, the houseguests are in a state of shock. We are verging on it ourselves. This simply has to be the most nail-biting episode of the entire season so far. Read on if you want to know the crazy results of this week’s live eviction and Head of Household Competition!

For the first live eviction of tonight’s double whammy Fast Forward, it comes down to a very tight squeeze indeed. Daniele managed to turn Shelly to her side, but she never quite managed to get Adam on board. So the votes came down:

  • Jordan votes to evict Daniele
  • Porsche votes to evict Kalia
  • Shelly votes to evict Kalia
  • Rachel votes to evict Daniele
  • Adam votes to evict Daniele
  • By a narrow vote of 3 to 2, Daniele is evicted from the Big Brother 13 house despite all her scheming!

    Next up came the Head of Household Competition and this is way huger than the houseguests thought it would be. The person who wins gets to pick two people to go up for the second Fast Forward eviction.

    The veterans drop the ball in the HoH Competition and Kalia is the new Head of Household and she’s on a hell path of destruction! Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel for the second eviction — yikes!

    In the Veto Competition, Jeff is in serious trouble and Jordan isn’t playing so he is screwed. Porsche, of all people, wins the Power of Veto and oh lord, she has decided NOT to use it to take either Rachel or Jeff off the block. Where is your butt buddy now Rachel?

    Oh but there is so much trouble in the Big Brother 13 house. Jordan doesn’t know that Shelly has completely FLIPPED on her and Jeff. Not only did she vote to keep Daniele, but now she votes to oust Jeff! Shelly knows that if she is left in the final two with Jeff and Jordan she is royally screwed. The votes for the second eviction come down:

  • Jordan votes to evict Rachel
  • Porsche votes to evict Jeff
  • Adam votes to evict Rachel (You at least stayed loyal man!)
  • Shelly votes to evict Jeff (Backstabbing wench!)
  • It’s a tie and Kalia has to cast the tie-breaking vote. She has voted to evict Jeff! Oh snap, Jordan is SO going to EAT HER ALIVE. Jordan is SCREAMING at Shelly, Shelly is SCREAMING back. It’s a totaly, in-your-face betrayel and now everyone is going to FINALLY know that Shelly is a huge, lying, nasty, wanker biatch! OH you have got to get on the Big Brother live feeds to watch the aftermath of this!

    Wow, with both Jeff and Daniele now out of the house and Jordan and Trachel both left without their partners to hold their hands and do all the thinking for them, it looks like a newbie might just could win this thing after all! Rachel and Jordan will postively HAVE to make a final two deal if they have any hopes of surviving AND hope they can keep Adam on their side as well.

    The second Head of Household Competition is not finished before the end of the show, so if you want to watch the end, get on those live feeds to see who ends up with the HoH power for this week. We are headed there now because we can’t stand to wait another minute!

    Check out a three day free trial of the Big Brother live feeds right now and you can tune in to see all the post-eviction drama taking place in the Big Brother 13 house tonight after the CBS live show is over!


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