Big Brother 12 Eviction and HOH Predictions for Week 4

Kristen and showmance partner Hayden are battling it out to stay in the Big Brother 12 house this week. Which half of this odd couple will be hitting the curb during tonight’s elimination? Well, we’re pretty sure we know who will get voted out, but in Big Brother, you just never know for sure…

Most of the Big Brother 12 fan sites are predicting Kristen to go this week, despite her attempted manipulations of the other Houseguests. We’re jumping on board the Kristen is leaving train as well. Frankly, we think it would be a bloody miracle straight from heaven if Kristen somehow managed to get enough votes to stay.

Brigade members Matt, Lane and Enzo will all be supporting Hayden, of course. Rachel obviously wants Kristen out and you know she’ll be voting that way. Even if Kristen somehow managed to sway Brendon (who is really just Rachel’s bitch), Ragan, Britney and Kathy to vote her way – she’d still be screwed. And she’s not going to get those votes anyway.

For the Head of Household competition, it’s harder to predict who will end up on top. Brendon is determined to win HOH, but we’re hoping the reign of Brenchel (or Radon, if you prefer) will be over. If Brendon doesn’t get HOH, you just know it’s pretty damn certain both he and Rachel will end up on the block. Regardless of what happens with the Power of Veto competition, one of them – we’re sure – will most likely end up going home.

Brendon & Rachel Big Brother 12
Brendon & Rachel (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Regardless, we just want to listen to the whining and drama if the two of them get put up together. Also, we want to see if Rachel will start backstabbing Brendon to everyone in the house to stay in the game. She and Brendon SWEAR they would each save the other if they were both on the block and one of them won POV. We do NOT believe Rachel. Really though, we don’t believe Brendon on that much either.

Rachel does have that $5,000 from the last Power of Veto competition. She could use that cash to try to bribe the HOH not to nominate them. Or, at least, not to nominate her! The problem is, however, the whole house would probably turn against the HOH if they didn’t nominate Brendon and Rachel. If so, they’d be totally screwed in the forthcoming jury vote.

We’re guessing Brenchel will finally be facing the block together this week unless Brendon pulls off a win in the HOH competition. What are your predictions?

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