Big Brother 19 Episode 9/10/17 Preview: What to Expect from Tonight’s Episode

On tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode, the houseguests face off during the latest Head of Household competition. On Thursday’s episode, we witnessed the second true blindside of the season. The first happened in the second week of Big Brother 19: Paul Abrahamian orchestrated a plan to evict Jillian Parker over Christmas Abbott. This blindside lead to the eventual downfall of Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbot

The newest blindside involved tricking Jason Dent and Alex Ow into thinking they were safe. However, Jason walked out those doors before Kevin Schlehuber. Alex immediately had a chance to enact revenge on those she believed betrayed her, Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott, but instead, she went petty over profitable.

Alex tried to remove Kevin from the house by nominating him and Raven Walton. This lead to Raven’s eviction. Now Alex finds herself at the bottom, but she still believes that Paul is on her side. Alex has no chance to win this week’s Head of Household, because she won the double eviction one.

This makes Alex a sitting duck. Tonight we’ll see how she puts back together the pieces of her game, and we’ll also see who won this week’s Head of Household competition, and who they nominate.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

Alex has been telling Paul that he’s her new ride or die, but via the Diary Room, we should get some insight into if this is Alex’s true feelings. Unlike the previous episodes, there might be less filler and more to watch unfold. We’ll get to see a little bit of the double eviction fall out, along with how the events influenced this week’s game.

Tune into Big Brother 19 tonight at 8:00 PM/7:00 PM CST. Can’t watch the episode tonight? Then join us tomorrow for a full recap!

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