Big Brother 12 HOH Competition Could be HUGE Endurance Trial!

The Big Brother 12 Houseguests have been in lockdown for what seems to be FOREVER. Even the Houseguests are saying on the Big Brother Live Feeds that they think something really huge is going to happen during tonight’s CBS live show.

Big Brother Houseguests
Big Brother Houseguests on lock down (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

We’re betting on an endurance competition – possibly of epic proportions. Of course, Big Brother could be setting us up for one of those ‘surprise twists’ they’ve promised for this season. A new Big Brother Saboteur could be in the works or an old one returning, some Houseguests are speculating on all kinds of insanity that might happen. With Big Brother, you just never know!

Tune in tonight on CBS for the live eviction and the beginning of the HOH competition. If you want to see who wins Head of Household, you’ll have to check out the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds after the show ends.

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