!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Eviction Week 4

The fourth Big Brother 12 Houseguest elimination aired on CBS tonight and it spelled the end of at least one of the showmances this season. Read on to find out which half of Hayten (or Krisden if you prefer) walked out of the Big Brother 12 house tonight.

Lovebirds Kristen Bitting and Hayden Moss were on the block together. Britney, who won the Power of Veto this week, could have saved one of them. Instead, however, she chose to follow the direction of Head of Household Rachel and keep the nominations made by the unnatural redhead. Kristen campaigned for votes to stay in the house, while Hayden mostly seemed to rely on his standings with the Brigade alliance to keep him safe.

Just in case one of our fabulous readers hasn’t had the chance to see the eviction yet, we’re giving you an official spoiler alert notice. So if you don’t want to know what happened on the show or who got thrown out – skip the spoiler section below! If you do want to find out some shocking secrets from the live show, who got the boot from the Big Brother 12 house and who voted for whom, click the SPOILER button below!

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 4 Eviction”]

We can’t help but feel a little bad for Ragan on the live show tonight. Britney just had to reveal the poor guy is apparently quite the fart producer! Hayden also got some ribbing – quite a mullet he had there! Plus, his mom basically said her son needs to think with the head on his shoulders [subtle insult to Kristen there we think…]. Way to go Mom!

Speaking of Kristen, she apparently had a boyfriend the whole time she was macking on Hayden! Well, he doesn’t have one anymore – he just gave her a Dear John right on national live television. Good for him. Just makes Kristen appear even more of a manipulative, nasty, cold player who we would be glad to see gone.

Rachel basically incited a Twitter-wide groan fest with her non-stop laughing and inane word spew that no one gives a crap about. One of our favorite Twitter comments on this topic:  @leahmrb – “Rachel.. stop laughing when there’s nothing funny going on. You suck huge testiclres.. not brendos OBVI! HE HAS NONE.”

The votes are in!

Houseguest Evicted: Kristen by a vote of 6 to 1


Brendon – Kristen
Britney – Kristen
Enzo – Kristen
Kathy – Hayden
Lane – Kristen
Matt – Kristen
Ragan – Kristen

We do feel a tiny bit bad Kristen got voted out still wearing that ugly-ass Hippietard outfit. Then again, the whole world just learned she cheated on her boyfriend with Hayden. We can’t wait until Hayden gets a load of the boyfriend’s reaction once he gets thrown out of the house! Especially since Hayden told Kristen in his goodbye video that he would have chosen her over the Brigade. It’s good he didn’t have to make that choice!

Rachel is her typical gross self in her “goodbye” video. If she says that whole thing about coming between her and her “man” one more time, we may throw up on our keyboard.


After the eviction from the house, it was time for the Houseguests to compete in a new Head of Household competition. The Houseguests were locked down for a seriously long time earlier today in preparation for the contests. So you just knew it was going to be a hell of competition! Plus, host Julie Chen promised whoever won would be the “most powerful” HOH EVER! We can’t wait to find out what that means! Could it be the HOH will get power over that dreaded double elimination?

We’ll bring you the news of the new Head of Household as soon as we know. If the HOH competition ends up running over the live show on CBS, you can watch the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds to find out who the winner is instead of having to wait until the next episode of the show! Check out a 3-Day Free Trial of the live feeds here.

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