Predictions: Who Will Win Big Brother 19?

All Big Brother 19, everyone outside the house has argued that if Paul Abrahamian makes it to the finale, he wins the game. Well, tonight is finale night and it looks like Paul will be in the final two. Somehow Paul managed to survive over 90 days in the Big Brother 19 game. Now only Josh Martinez stands in the way of his victory.

Big Brother 19 Final 3: Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott

Yesterday, Josh revealed that he plans to take Paul to the end instead of Christmas Abbott. A very foolish move that will ultimately cost the kid $500,000, but as they say, ‘you live and you learn,’ and Josh is about to learn a big lesson.

We’re not saying there is no way Josh can beat Paul in a final 2 scenario, it’s just hard to see that path. Josh strategically played a better game than Paul at the end of Big Brother 19. However, Paul played a better overall game all season.

The jury is bitter at both Josh and Paul, but they respect Paul more. We can see the votes being closer than what Paul once hoped, but in the end, he’ll still get the majority. We believe the votes will go as followed:

Cody Nickson votes for Paul
Mark Jansen votes for Josh
Elena Davies votes for Paul
Matt Clines votes for Paul
Jason Dent votes for Josh
Raven Walton votes for Paul
Alex Ow votes for Paul
Kevin Schlehuber votes for Paul
Christmas Abbott votes for Josh

Paul beats Josh by a 6 to 3 vote. Paul becomes the winner of Big Brother 19.

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