Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 81 Highlights: How to Lose Big Brother in 92 Days

After 91 days, Big Brother 19 finally comes to an end tonight. It’s been not only a long journey for the houseguests, but a long one for all of us viewers as well. The last week of the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds have been very slow, with very little game action. We expect this every season, but it is still rough to endure. At least the final day of Big Brother 19 gave us a little bit of new information.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez had some time alone as Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian cuddled in bed. Josh used his alone time to cook dinner for his friends, while also speaking to us and practicing his final two speech.

We’re most likely in for a predictable Big Brother 19 finale. Josh has confirmed that he’s about to make the mistake that will cost him $500,000: he is taking Paul to the finale over Christmas. He believes that he made bigger moves than Paul, so he deserves the win more.

He also thinks that the jury won’t vote a vet as the winner of Big Brother 19. Josh also believes Paul’s story about Christmas winning because she overcame her injury. Oh Josh…

He also requested that the fans vote Christmas as America’s Favorite player. *internal snickers.* The rest of the day consisted of the houseguests packing up their things, cleaning the house, and redoing some Diary room sessions for tonight’s finale.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott

So with Josh’s very foolish decision, we conclude our daily Big Brother 19 Live Feeds recaps. We hope that you have enjoyed them all season. We will continue them for Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother 20.

Keep it here all day as we give you guys spoilers, predictions, previews, and more about tonight’s critical Big Brother 19 finale.

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