Big Brother 2014: Bye Bye Devin – The Bro Supercut [VIDEO]

In the Big Brother eviction results last night, we bid a disappointed farewell to season 16 player Devin Shepherd. Not to say that we were disappointed that he was the one who was evicted on Big Brother last night. He totally destroyed his own game and he deserved to be the one who went home.

Big Brother 16 Cast - Devin (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Cast – Devin (CBS)

No, we were just sad that a potentially strong player managed to implode his own chances at succeeding in the game so badly. Devin could have been a likable, charismatic power player. Instead, his smiles went from charming to creepy really quick and his constant betrayal of his own strongest allies sent him flying out the door.

Even so, we did get quite a bit of entertainment out of Devin before he got kicked off Big Brother 16. Fans who only saw the brief bits of him on the CBS shows have no idea how wild and crazy Devin was at times on the Big Brother Live Feed. Or how many times he cried — or at least pretended to. Or how many, many, many times Devin brought up his daughter almost always in connection to how he wanted to be ‘honest’ and ‘integral’.

Or how many times the man said the words ‘bro’ or ‘dude’ as CBS so kindly paid tribute to in this amusing little exit video honoring Devin’s eviction.

Do you think the Houseguests made the right move in getting rid of Devin this week? Or should they have kept him around for a future target and blindsided Caleb — a potentially much more dangerous player — instead?

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