Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 46 Highlights: Cody, the Cereal Killer

Well, the Big Brother 19 mob mentality continues. The house had almost exclusively shifted their poking the bear tactic to only Mark Jansen. However, the house decided it was Cody Nickson and Elena Davies’ turn to get called out for ridiculous things. The mad house of Big Brother 19 continues.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow Cereal

It was a rather low strategizing day, as it only revolved around the continuous downfall of Kevin Schlehuber‘s game, and how petty the Big Brother 19 houseguests can become. Hint: the house can go as low as Paul Abrahamian tells them to go.

The Cereal Fiasco

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies and Josh Martinez

Alex Ow gave Cody permission to have some of her Chex(C) cereal. Apparently, he ate all of it. Alex got pissed and started questioning him about why he ate it all, and he responded that he doesn’t care about any of them. Christmas Abbott, Jason Dent, Kevin, and others jumped in to attack Cody about other things, like not talking and being nicer to them.

They also tried to ask and confront him about whether Cody was lying about having a daughter. Eventually, he just told them that he didn’t care to speak to any of them and just wanted to be left alone for his remaining days in the Big Brother 19 house. When they finally did, he walked outside to be alone, and kept to himself the majority of the day.

The fighting then turned to everyone attacking Elena. They basically attacked her for the same things that they attacked Mark about: not being loyal and being a sneaky player. This argument mainly involved Elena against Josh Martinez, with some commentary from Alex. After the yelling concluded, there were several retellings of the arguments.

Kevin Gets Fully Exposed

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

We were a little unsure if Paul was pretending to be anti-Kevin but would really protect him when necessary, or was he really trying to work to get Kevin out. Today we got an answer: he’s really working to get Kevin out.

Paul talked the whole day about Kevin being sketchy, as he has for days. So that was not the smoking gun about Paul’s true intentions. It was when he talked to Josh later in the evening, and hold him that Kevin was really the one that won the $25,000 that sent Paul back into the game.

Surprise, surprise, Josh already knew because Kevin told him on night one, right after he won it. Paul then went to tell Jason and Alex as well. However, Paul lied and said that Josh told him first, and then Kevin confirmed it. Jason had a hard time believing Kevin really won the $25,000, but Paul pressed the issue until he was (probably) convinced.

Paul told Josh that he wants to use this $25,000 thing at some point to completely destroy Kevin’s game. That’s a pretty clear indication that Kevin’s name is coming up pretty soon on Paul’s hit list, maybe even earlier than Matt Clines and Raven Walton.

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