Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 43 Highlights: Things Get Strange in the House

Yesterday led to some pretty eventful Big Brother 19 moments. The Power of Veto competition released some rewards and punishments in the house, which could provide entertainment to a rather predictable week. We also saw some flip flopping about the backdoor Cody Nickson plan. But it might be too early to expect anything more than the same old Big Brother 19 minion game.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian

We have the line still clearly divided between the house and Cody (with a little bit of Mark Jansen and Elena Davies also on the outs). However, Cody managed to blur the lines a little this Big Brother 19 week. Elena helped Cody’s game by making her annoyance with the house a little too obvious.

A Set Week?

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson and Elena Davies

During the Power of Veto Ceremony, Cody’s name was not picked. Instead Paul Abrahamian and Mark Jansen were the additional players picked for it. The POV only took about two hours, and when the Live Feeds returned, Matt Clines had won the Power of Veto by default.

Now, Matt cannot take himself off the block if the house wants to backdoor Cody. So the houseguests were quite annoyed when the feeds returned. Mainly, at Elena for deciding to take $5,000 instead of the Power of Veto. This left Matt hold the veto.

It was one of those Power of Veto competitions where the houseguests had to hit certain numbers to stay in each round. After players were eliminated, they were given prizes that either containeds rewards or punishments.

Here are the prize and punishment results:

  • Elena won $5,000
  • Alex Ow won the punishment of having to grill a certain amount of hotdogs throughout the night and day, along with building a campsite and carrying camping equipment around all week
  • Matt won the Power of Veto
  • Paul had to be shackled to someone (he picked Cody who rejected it, and then settled on Christmas Abbott). They had to wear parachute gear for 48 hours along with being shackled together.
  • Jason Dent got the punishment of an extreme-itard
  • Mark Jansen won a trip to Colorado
  • All the Power of Veto players got rewarded an Outback Steakhouse dinner, which they’ll eat tomorrow night. It also might be what they film for the mysterious Friday episode.

The night revolved around various players getting dressed in their costumes and performing their punishments.

Big brother 19 Alex Ow, Elena Davies, Raven Walton, Cody Nickson

Amongst all this organized chaos, Paul reminded everyone that the plan was to get out Cody this week. They needed to get over Elena taking the $5,000 and focus on her next week. Meanwhile, Cody upped his social game. He was even being friendly with Josh Martinez. JOSH!!!

Many of the players commented that this is how Cody should have acted since day 1 (yup). Despite his new attitude, everyone still seemed set to backdoor and evict him this week. For now…

Besides Alex and others being mad at Elena for taking the $5,000, Josh continued to claim that Jason and Mark have a secret deal or alliance. This time he alerted Alex to his concerns. She didn’t seem worried about it.

Kevin Sketches People Out Even More

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent, PAul Abrahamian, and Kevin Schlehuber

Cody told Kevin Schlehuber that he has a daughter. It’s a secret that he didn’t want to tell many other houseguests, because he didn’t want it used against him. Kevin promised to keep Cody’s secret, but quickly told Paul.

Paul wondered why Cody kept it a secret. He thought it could have really helped his image in the house and with the audience. However, he did wonder why Cody displayed this type of behavior with a child watching at home. He later questioned if Cody made it all up to get sympathy from Kevin. Jason and Alex also talked about this (because Kevin told Jason as well), and how they didn’t believe it was true. They thought Kevin made it up to help Cody stay in the Big Brother 19 house.

Kevin’s private conversations with Cody (like the one above) is one reason the houseguests continue to not trust him. This time, Alex and Paul involved Jason in the discussion to get rid of Kevin before final 6 and take Christmas instead. Jason didn’t oppose the idea.

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