Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 77 Highlights: Josh Considers Taking Paul to the End

If you enjoy watching Big Brother houseguests sleep, then yesterday’s Live Feeds were perfect for you. The day mainly revolved around the Big Brother 19 houseguests sleeping and cuddling. There was a few waking hours where the players looked back on the season.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

CBS also ended its season long drought by providing more alcohol, which they used to treat themselves with mimosas. There was also a lot of touching and some forced cuddling going on around in the Big Brother house. Despite a whole lot of nothing, there was one major event that might greatly cost one player $500,000.

Josh Martinez spoke to us (the camera) about his final plans. After weeks of talking about cutting Paul Abrahamian at the final three, and taking Christmas Abbott instead, it seems that might not be the outcome on finale night. Josh is starting to think that he can’t beat Christmas in the end.

This new belief is mainly due to Paul getting in his head to convince him that Christmas beats both of them in the Big Brother 19 finale. Paul wasn’t just telling Josh this to trick him into keeping him, but a general belief.

As we told you yesterday, Kevin Schlehuber warned Paul not to take Christmas to the end, because some sympathy votes might result in her beating him. This pumped Paul up even more to encourage Josh to win part 2 of the final Head of Household competition.

Big Brother 19 Final 3, Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul aBrahamian

Josh believed that he might have a better chance against Paul than Christmas because the jury might be bitter and not vote for Paul. As with every Josh decision, he’ll probably go back and forth before deciding.However, we aren’t too sure about Josh’s actual chances to win the final part of the last Big Brother 19 Head of Household competition.

Josh taking Paul to the finale over Christmas would definitely be a decision he’ll end up regretting.

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