Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Tonight? 9/23/2015

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight and had the one and only vote to evict one of the final three? Which Houseguest did they decide to take to the final two to face the Jury vote and determine the Big Brother 17 winner? We have the Big Brother spoilers from the final HoH of season 17 live from the finale!

Big Brother 17 Final Head of Household Competition (CBS)
Big Brother 17 Final Head of Household Competition (CBS)

When we last left our final three Houseguests, they had just barely begun the first round of the final Head of Household Competition. This sticky, intense endurance competition lasted for almost four hours on the Big Brother Live Feeds. By the end of it, final three players Steve Moses, Liz Nolan, and Vanessa Rousso were bruised, beaten, exhausted, and dyed quite an impressive shade of red.

Final Head of Household Competition: Round One

For the first round of the final Head of Household, the Houseguests were forced to sit on round disks above a big red ball representing a candy apple. Then they were repeatedly dipped in a sticky, cherry red goo, and then slammed against padded walls quite hard. Even though they were obviously in pain early on, all three of them hung on for almost the entire competition.


CBS Big Brother finally decided to rush things along by moving the Houseguests from their disk seats to perch directly on the slippery balls. This was much harder on the contestants, and Steve eventually became the first victim when he quite abruptly fell off his. That left Vanessa and Liz as the last two hanging, and Vanessa immediately went to work on Liz to get her to drop.

Big Brother 17 3

Vanessa sort of almost tried bribing her again (even though CBS has warned her about that), she told Liz she could hang on for many more hours, she yelled at Liz for wasting her strength on this round when she’d need it in the next one. You name it, Vanessa tried it. Eventually just worn down, in pain, and exhausted, Liz dropped off and let Vanessa win. (Read a full rundown of the entire endurance competition here.)

Final Head of Household Competition Round Two

Next up, we’ll have round two of the final Head of Household Competition, and Dr. Will Kirby will meet with the Jury!

Final Head of Household Round Two

For the second part of the competition, we have a giant crossword puzzle. And we do mean giant! Steve and Liz have to solve the puzzle by climbing up and down and answering the questions for the crossword.

CBS Big Brother 17 2

Steve makes a mistake by not realizing he has a letter he needs in his backpack, which may have cost him valuable time. Liz knows Steve is a smart cookie and she will have to move fast to beat him.

Steve finished in 28 minutes and 27 seconds. Vanessa, the host, reveals that Liz finished in 31 minutes and 11 seconds. Steve wins the second round of the final HoH and will be facing Vanessa in part three!

Final Head of Household Competition Round Three

The challenge tonight is called ‘Scales of Just Us’ and the Houseguests will have to answer questions about the Jury members. For every right answer they will get a point. The Houseguests with the most points at the end of eight rounds wins.

CBS Big Brother 17 2


  • Round One: Steve wins one point.
  • Round Two: Both wrong.
  • Round Three: Both correct.
  • Round Four: Both correct.
  • Round Five: Both correct.
  • Round Six: Both wrong.
  • Round Seven: Vanessa wins a point, both tied.
  • Round Eight: Steve wins a point, he has won! Will he stick with his plan to evict Vanessa?

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