Big Brother 25 Week 3 Head of Household (08/17/23) Results

Julie Chen on Big Brother 25

The house is against Hisam, and he hasn’t realized it yet. The unanimous votes to evict Reilly have convinced him that the house is still on his side. However, his own Professor alliance members have plotted his demise. They really want to backdoor him this week.

As outgoing HOH, Hisam isn’t eligible to play in this week’s Head of Household Competition. This means that there is a good chance he may see the block this week. There are only a few players who may not make a backdoor Hisam attempt this week.

The Handful alliance just lost a key player in Reilly, so they need to win more competitions or the Professors could just start to dominate the game. Thursday’s Big Brother 25 episode ends with the Head of Household Competition already set up, but the houseguests hadn’t started it yet.

It looked like it may involve some slime and possibly hitting a ball into various slots with different points. The person with the highest score likely would win Head of Household.  This meant it could be more luck based but a quick competition.



Felicia won the Head of Household.

It will be interesting to see who she nominates and targets this week. She may go with the plan to backdoor Hisam or change the plan for the week. Either way, I am excited to see what Felicia does this week with power. She also doesn’t have to worry about the pressure cooker coming next week.


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