The Challenge USA Episode 3 Recap: Something is Fishy

During the two-episode premiere of The Challenge USA, Ameerah Jones and Jonna Stephens were eliminated from the game, one from the green team and one from the red. Both Michele Fitzgerald and Tori Deal won their elimination rounds and were given the Power of Defection. Neither competitor chose to defect and remained with their original teams.

The Challenge USA

Tonight, another competitor will be eliminated as all of the players give it their all for the $500,000 grand prize to be split between the top male and female victors. There are six veterans of the Challenge in the game, and they are the biggest targets for the reality stars.

The Challenge USA Challenge Round

This challenge is called Capsized, a combined memory, endurance, and swimming challenge, and here is how it works. There is a boat out in the water with eight buoys. At the start, the players for each team will swim out to their boat. They will capsize the boat to reveal an answer key.

The Challenge USA

One at a time, the players will swim back to one of the buoys and retrieve the three flags floating underneath it. They will race back to the boat and place the flags in the correct order on the mast. The team that gets the most correct in the fastest time will win the competition and be safe from elimination.

After all was said and done, the green team correctly placed 19 flags on the mast. The blue team placed all 20 flags correctly. The red team also placed all 20 flags correctly. Now, it comes down to the fastest time. Blue completed the task in just 36 minutes, which was 7 minutes faster than the red team. The blue team won the challenge and is safe from elimination.

The Challenge USAThe blue team must choose one female and one male to face possible elimination tonight. After fierce deliberation between the teammates, the blue team picked Bananas and Amanda Garcia. One of them will face a competitor pulled from the hopper, and the loser of that competition will be eliminated.

The names voted to go into the hooper are as follows:

Josh received two votes
Tyler received three votes
Chanelle received one vote
Paulie received three votes
Monte received five votes

A ball for each vote will be placed in the hopper to decide who will be facing either Bananas or Amanda in the elimination competition.

The Challenge USA Elimination Round

After all of the appropriate balls are placed into the hopper, a name is drawn. The selection was Paulie. Bananas and Paulie will compete against one another tonight to remain in the game.

This competition is called Fire and Ice, and here is how it works. This is an endurance competition. Each player will begin by standing on a large block of ice with one arm held straight in the air that is attached to a rope. That rope is attached to a very large bucket full of fish guts.

Each player will have a stack of small bean bags next to their other arm to throw at their competitor’s targets. If the target is hit with a bean bag, a torch under their ice will ignite helping their ice block to melt. Hitting that target will also turn off their own torch if it is lit.

The more each competitor’s ice block melts, the more they will struggle to keep their arm at the same height. The player that can avoid tipping their fish bucket the longest will win the competition and stay in the game. The other player will be eliminated.

The Challenge USA

Just after 38 minutes into the competition, Paulie dropped his arm just enough to send the fish guts raining down on him. Bananas won the competition, and Paulie was eliminated from the game.

Bananas will remain in the game, but we will not find out until Sunday if Bananas defected and left his team for another one. Join us Sunday, August 20th at 9 PM EST to see if Bananas will defect and leave his team.


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