Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother 25? (08/17/23)

Hisam Goueli has all the power inside the Big Brother 25 house…at the moment. Will all that power put a target on his back next? Possibly. This week, he won the Head of Household competition and his second Power of Veto competition.

BB25 Reilly Smedley

Last week’s HOH, Reilly Smedley, made the mistake of telling Hisam that she would target him in the future. As a result, Hisam made Reilly his number-one target this week. He also nominated Cameron Hardin as a backup and as a member of Reilly’s alliance. Once Hisam won the POV, the nominations were locked, and either Reilly or Cameron will be leaving the game tonight.

Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Aftermath

During his POV speech, Hisam declared Reilly was his target, and he pretty much demanded that the Big Brother 25 house vote to evict Reilly come eviction night. His power is definitely getting the best of him.

Reilly and others are becoming annoyed with how Hisam and his “power” are treating them. His veto speech was a bit much, and others, like Cirie Fields, took notice. She may be aligned with the Professor’s alliance but is not impressed. She and Izzy Gleicher spoke in private about how his power was a bit overboard.

At the first official Professor’s alliance meeting in the HOH room, Hisam is asking questions and answering the questions he is asking the group. He is quickly making enemies rather than allies.

BB25 Reilly Cameron

Hisam made the gross mistake of telling the group that Jared was a target. Cirie did not take that well and may just turn the tables on Hisam and target him going forward. Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia Cannon agree that Hisam must be the target for eviction next week. They are even considering sending him a message this week by saving Reilly and sending Cameron home from the Big Brother 25 house.

Big Brother 25 Week Two Live Eviction Vote

Red Utley voted to evict Reilly
Bowie Jane voted to evict Reilly
Jag Bains voted to evict Reilly
Cory Wurternberger voted to evict Reilly
Matt Klotz voted to evict Reilly
Blue Kim voted to evict Reilly
Cirie Fields voted to evict Reilly
Felicia Cannon voted to evict Reilly
America Lopez voted to evict Reilly
Mecole Hayes voted to evict Reilly
Izzy Gleicher voted to evict Reilly
Jared Fields voted to evict Reilly

Reilly was evicted from the Big Brother 25 house by the second unanimous vote (12-0). During Reilly’s eviction interview with Big Brother 25 host Julie Chen Moonves, she feels as though there is a lot of fear inside the house right now. She instructed her alliance members to keep their games in check by voting with the house majority once she knew that she would definitely be evicted this evening.


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