Big Brother Spoilers: America’s Care Package Winner! 10/14/2016

The Big Brother Over the Top Misfits have had America on their side for two straight weeks. America nominated two people from the opposite side back-to back (Cornbread and Monte Massongill). It also evicted them. To add another cherry to the Big Brother Over the Top Misfits, America gave Kryssie Ridolfi the first care package.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 3 America's Care Package

It seemed like the Big Brother Over the Top fans would steamroll the game in favor of the Misfits. However, polls have shown a slight shift towards voting in favor of the Plastics (newly named the Ball Smashers) and Scott Dennis.

We saw this shift in full force today when America awarded the second Care Package. Scott Dennis holds the second America Care Package Powers.

This package contains the ‘Pick-a-Veto’ prize. This prize allows Scott to pick one of three vetoes, the Diamond Power of Veto, Boomerang Veto, and the Double Veto.

Big Brother Over the Top America's Care Package

The Diamond Power of Veto allows the holder to remove someone from the block. They then get to name a replacement. The Double veto grants two players vetoes. The first and second place finishers both get awarded a veto to use. The Boomerang  allows someone to use the Veto twice in this week’s Power of Veto ceremony.

Could the newest ‘Pick-a-Vote’ twist help Scott and the Ball Smashers? Or will it favor the Misfits on Big Brother Over the Top?

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