Who Was Evicted on Big Brother 24 Tonight? (9/22/22)

With the end of the summer right around the corner, Big Brother 24 is now down to the final four houseguests with the final regular eviction this evening. Currently, Taylor Hale is the reigning Head of Household. She nominated Brittany Hoopes and  Matt Turner to the block for eviction, but that is rather inconsequential.

BB24 Brittany Turner

The power of Veto winner, Monte Taylor, is the houseguest holding all of the power this week. He will essentially cast the only vote for eviction this week. Monte has favored taking Taylor and Turner to the final three with him as he feels they give him the highest chance for a final two. We will find out tonight.

Trouble in Big Brother 24 Paradise

Monte and Taylor have been spending each night together in the HOH room ever since Taylor won that competition. Monte’s ride-or-die, Turner, has noticed Monte’s absence and finally decided to speak with him about the showmance.

Monte told Turner that he was unsure if the relationship would continue beyond the Big Brother 24 house. He and Turner spoke about how Taylor has come off as condescending since winning the last HOH competition. Her attitude is a major turn-off for Monte, and he has not made any qualms about sharing that with Taylor.

Taylor did not take the criticism well and decided that she just wanted to concentrate on winning the $750,000 at this point in the game.

A Visit To The Big Brother 24 Jury House

Terrance Higgins joined the Big Brother jury house. Michael Bruner closely followed him to the jury house. Alyssa Snider was the final houseguest to join the group. Most of the jury members were not surprised by the additions to the jury. They knew Michael had a huge target on his back with all of his victories.

BB24 Jury House

One thing is for certain; the jury members are serious about their job of selecting and voting for the next winner of Big Brother 24. Michael, in particular, made it clear that he would consider all of the available information before choosing who should win the title of Big Brother 24 winner.

Last Minute Pitch In The Big Brother House

Monte has been pretty set on keeping Taylor and Turner for the houseguests to join the final three. He worries that if he decides to keep Brittany, neither she nor Taylor will take him to the final two. They have wanted to be together as an all-female final two all season. He knows he would not stand a chance.

BB24 Brittany Monte

If Brittany isn’t in the picture, he thinks that Taylor and Turner will pick him for the final two. Brittany isn’t going down without a fight. In a last-ditch effort with Monte, Brittany tries to assure Monte that he has a much better chance of winning the final HOH competitions if she is still in the game. We will see if Brittany made any headway with Monte when his decision is revealed at the final POV meeting.

Week 11 Power of Veto Meeting & Live Eviction Vote

At the final POV ceremony and live eviction vote, Monte decided to evict Brittany from the Big Brother 24 house. During her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Brittany said she fought to the end to stay in the house, but she knew her fate all along. She is anxious to see Michael in the jury house, and she can’t wait to ask him some questions about what happened during the double eviction event.

A Big Brother Visit From The Cookout

Last season’s record-breaking alliance, known as the Cookout, visited Julie on the Big Brother set to talk game. All of the alliance members agreed that they were successful in getting to the end together because they all shared a joint cause. Derek Frazier said he wanted Taylor to win the game, believes she is the most deserving of the remaining players and feels she has played a perfect game. Xavier Prather agreed with Taylor being the front-runner to win the title this year.

BB23 Cookout Alliance

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Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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