Big Brother 13: The Live Feeds Blackout Continues

The Big Brother 13 live feeds blackout continues this morning and we are sick and tired of it already! Oh well, there is nothing we can do about it unfortunately but wait… and wait… and wait… sigh.

For those of you who might still be in the ‘dark’ about why the Big Brother live feeds have been off since Tuesday afternoon, here’s the scoop. Just like last year during the final full week of the show, CBS wants to keep the fans from knowing exactly what is going to happen tonight on the special live eviction show.

So that means all the poor Big Brother live feeds watchers just have to sit around and scan the Flashback feature for random nudity, amusing catfights and any possible clues we might have missed about what is going to happen next.

Even the Big Brother After Dark episode on Showtime was just a replay of events taped before the blackout, so that wasn’t much fun to watch either.

For those with the Big Brother live feeds, you can at least watch some fun live programming on the RealNetworks SuperPass Big Brother Live Shows channel. Tune in today at 3PM PT for Getting Schooled with Ragan and check out the Videos archive for more exclusive Big Brother 13 content.

As for the live feeds, you can tune in to them to watch a marathon of Big Brother After Dark until they finally resume live coverage.

Stay tuned here for any rumors or tidbits we might find out there about what is going on in the Big Brother 13 house during the blackout!

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