Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 3 Block Nominations (08/18/23)

Big Brother 20 Nominations

Hisam feels confident and secure with his Big Brother 2023 alliance. However, he has no clue that they want him out. 95 percent of the Big Brother 25 houseguests want him out after his Head of Household reign. He succeeded in getting Reilly out, but took the target from her and put it right on his own back. The comically tragic thing about it all is that Hisam doesn’t see it coming at all.

The house gave him a false sense of security when Reilly left the game unanimously. He hopes to see someone from The Handfuls leave this week. He thinks it could be Jag. However,  everyone but Red and he know that Hisam is the target.

Hisam tried to push for Head of Household Felicia to nominate Matt alongside Jag, but Felicia plans to stick to her initial plan. She wants to nominate Cameron and Jag. Then she hopes that Hisam isn’t selected to play in the Veto.

She wants to backdoor him. If Hisam manages to play in the Veto competition and win it, she plans to take out one of her initial nominees. Izzy has vocalized wanting Cameron out if this happens, but others have mentioned being fine with either leaving.

So who did Felicia nominate for eviction? Read below to find out. 



Felicia nominated Jag and Cameron for eviction. 

The Power of Veto Competition plays out tomorrow. If everything goes right for Felicia and her allies, Hisam will not play in the Veto. Anyone who plays in it will use it to enact the backdoor Hisam plan. It would be a very interesting week.

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