Big Brother 2015 Recap: Season 17 Finale – Who Won? 9/23/2015

In tonight’s recap, we’ll find out who won Big Brother 2015 and will go down in TV history as the Big Brother winner of the show’s longest season so far. The final three Houseguests, Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses, and Liz Nolan will battle it out in the last Head of Household competition. The final two standing will face the Jury to determine who will end up a half million dollars richer.

Who won Big Brother 17? (CBS)

Nine Jury members will cast their votes on the Big Brother 17 finale to determine who won Big Brother 2015. Former winner Dr. Will Kirby says the Jury is angry as hell, and if they vote with their hearts instead of their heads, we could be in for quite the surprise when the Big Brother 17 winner is announced.

First, however, we have to find out which two Houseguests will end up in the final two. Whichever player ends up the winner in the last round of the final Head of Household Competition will have the only vote to evict. We are pretty sure from the last Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds who would take which other Houseguest to the final two. However, you can never be sure of anything on Big Brother until it actually happens.

Once the final two get to the Jury vote, that’s where things will really get interesting. If the Jury really is bitter, and they decide to punish with their votes – instead of reward – the outcome could be very interesting indeed. We can’t wait to see the Jury deliberations led by Dr. Will, and see what the Houseguests have to say about the final two.

Here we go! First up we have a brief recap of the season leading up to the finale tonight. We’re left with Vanessa, Steve, and Liz, three members of the Scamper Squad left to battle it out to win the half million grand prize.

When we last left the Houseguests, they were battling it out in an epic endurance competition for the first round of the final Head of Household. Whoever hangs on the longest will automatically advance to the last round of the competition. The two that lose will have to fight in round two. Even though Steve and Liz both have final two deals with Vanessa, they both want to win it. Vanessa thinks both of the others would take her to final two, but she wants to win to make sure she is in as safe a position as possible.

Final Head of Household Competition Round One:

For the first round of the final Head of Household, the Houseguests were forced to sit on round disks above a big red ball representing a candy apple. Then they were repeatedly dipped in a sticky, cherry red goo, and then slammed against padded walls quite hard. Even though they were obviously in pain early on, all three of them hung on for almost the entire competition.


CBS Big Brother finally decided to rush things along by moving the Houseguests from their disk seats to perch directly on the slippery balls. This was much harder on the contestants, and Steve eventually became the first victim when he quite abruptly fell off his. That left Vanessa and Liz as the last two hanging, and Vanessa immediately went to work on Liz to get her to drop.

Big Brother 17 3

Despite saying in Diary Room that she couldn’t have held on much longer, Vanessa told Liz she could hang on for many more hours and anything else she could think of to make her drop. You name it, Vanessa tried it. Eventually just worn down, in pain, and exhausted, Liz dropped off and let Vanessa win. (Read a full rundown of the entire endurance competition here.)

Next up, we’ll have round two of the final Head of Household Competition, and Dr. Will Kirby will meet with the Jury!

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