Big Brother 19-914/17-Recap: Final Three Revealed

With less than a week to go inside the Big Brother 19 house, the second eviction of the week is in the record books, and the final three houseguests have been decided. Paul Abrahamian secured his final three spot earlier in the week when he won the Head of Household competition. Now that his spot is secure, the last two Big Brother finale spots are between Kevin Schlehuber, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez. Who will join Paul in the final three?

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Kevin Schlehuber

We pick up with Paul making his nominations for the week: Josh and Kevin. Paul explained to Josh, over a game of chess, the reason he chose Josh for the block alongside Kevin.  He said this way Josh would not have to get any blood on his hands with being the sole vote in the eviction.

Being that there are only four houseguests remaining, this week’s eviction we will be left to the person that is NOT the current HOH (Paul) or the two nominees (Kevin and Josh). That leaves Christmas.  Behind closed doors, Paul and Christmas reveal they planned the vote this way so that they have complete control of the vote. They did not want to leave Josh in charge of making sure things went as planned.

Next, we are granted a peek inside the jury house, and what a fun peek inside that was!  The highlight of the jury house check-in was Raven Walton telling all of the other jury members that she and Matt were Paul’s closest allies. She went on to say that she was actually puppet master (not Paul), and she was calling all of the shots inside the Big Brother house. Elena Davies could barely contain herself: she  did not hold back her laughter…at all. Who knew Raven was really the one controlling all of the houseguests this season? At least I’m glad we finally know the truth.

Big Brother 19 Jury House

The Veto competition is titled “Back to the Veto.” This comp has a steam punk feel with a time machine designed set. Each player was given a description of a certain event that occurred during the season. The player must set their dials to the appropriate day that event occurred the fastest. Once a player has finished last in three rounds, they are eliminated from the competition.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

As to no surprise, Kevin was the first player eliminated from this competition. The other three Big Brother 19 houseguests were ecstatic knowing that their final three plans had come to fruition.  This left Christmas, Paul, and Josh to battle it out for the Power of Veto crown. Christmas was eliminated next followed by Josh. Paul won POV again. This was his fourth POV win in the same week of winning an HOH, a Big Brother record.

Although Paul had promised Kevin that he would be taking him to the final three, Paul did not use the POV to take Josh or Kevin off the block. With the final nominations remaining the same, Christmas would cast the sole vote to evict this week’s houseguest from the Big Brother 19 game. According to plan, Christmas voted to evict Kevin.

During Kevin’s exit interview with Julie Chen, Kevin shared that he had no hard feelings for Paul. He understood this was part of the game. Interestingly, Paul lied during his goodbye message and claimed Christmas went rogue if he was seeing this message.  However, Josh spilled the beans and shared that Kevin was the target all along.

The final three houseguests in Big Brother 19 are:

Paul Abrahamian

Christmas Abbott

Josh Martinez

Big Brother 19 Final Three

Tune in tonight for a trip down memory lane reviewing all of this season and hopefully a sneak peek at the first of the three Big Brother 19 final HOH comps.

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