!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Power of Veto Winner Week 8

Big Brother 12 is creeping ever closer to the finale and the tension is getting thick enough to cut with a knife in the BB house. If, that is, the Big Brother Houseguests still had access to eating utensils…

Losing access to all cups, glasses and silverware, by the way, was a totally fun punishment released on the Houseguests by Lane opening Pandora’s Box. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to reveal the oh-so-important Power of Veto Competition results for week 8. So click next to the SPOILER tag below to find out what happened!

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Week 8 Power of Veto Winner”]

Previously, Lane as the new Head of Household nominated Ragan and Enzo to go up on the block. Enzo was nominated as a pawn to go up against Ragan, who seemed destined to go to the Jury House next unless he won the Power of Veto.

Unfortunately for Ragan, he does not. That victory instead went to Enzo. Seems like Enzo really CAN win something if he’s desperate enough! Now Lane will have to nominate someone else as Enzo’s replacement and he has a tough choice. He and Britney have been tight since the beginning, but Enzo has already said he would never put up Hayden. So it looks likely it will be Britney versus Ragan on the block.

While Ragan is the strong prediction to go, we’d like to see Hayden and Enzo get a clue that having Britney around with Lane is dangerous to both of them. Keeping Ragan around might actually be the wiser game move for these two. We don’t, however, think they will decide to dump Britney over Ragan.


Check back here for the Power of Veto Ceremony results soon! Meanwhile, jump on over to the Big Brother Live Feeds and catch all the action live 24/7 in the BB house. Check out a 3-Day Free Trial AND a special discount here!


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