Big Brother 23 Predictions: Will The Backdoor Backfire?

Well, this week of Big Brother 23 has certainly been eventful. We started the week off with an intense endurance competition. That resulted in Derek Xiao winning his first Head of Household competition. Then Derek X started plotting and planning to evict Christian Birkenberger, via the backdoor. Derek X just had to nominate two pawns. After nominations, Derek X just needed everything to align with the Power of Veto Competition. 

Derek X with strategy and a lot of luck was able to get Christian on the block during the Power of Veto Ceremony, but Christian’s eviction may not be as straightforward as Derek X hopes. There is a big divide among The Cookout about who should go this week. Tiffany Mitchell wants to keep Christian, and Kyland Young wants to keep Sarah Beth Steagall. 

Tiffany has made multiple attempts to flip the vote (with the help of Xavier Prather), but not with much success. The former Jokers Derek Fraiser, Azah Awasum, and Britini D’Angelo are staying solid on their decision to evict Christian. They were more open to keeping him at the beginning of the week but now won’t budge. 

Derek X is also not willing to change his mind about taking out Christian. He just sees him as a too big of a competition threat, he worries about Christian and Alyssa Lopez being two solid votes for someone in the jury, and he doesn’t want to betray his close ally Kyland by taking out Sarah Beth.

Yesterday there was a big push to save Christian from Xavier and Tiffany, but it just stirred up drama between Tiffany, Derek F, and Azah. Xavier also asked members of the Cookout if they would be willing to flip, and the majority voted no. This killed the keep Christian momentum. Now as I’m writing this (11:38 PM EST), the house has decided to vote out Christian and keep Sarah Beth.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if things once again change to trying to flip the vote against Sarah Beth. This is one that we really won’t completely know until Thursday’s eviction. 

Who do you think will end up leaving tonight?

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