Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a Big Brother 23 backdoor in the works. Christian Birkenberger has been building up quite an impressive resume of competition wins. He almost won the first Head of Household of the season, then he went on to win a Wildcard Competition, two Power of Veto Competitions, and last week’s Head of Household Competition. This has painted a huge target on Christian’s back.

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Christian has also not made things great for himself by getting into the only official Big Brother 23 showmance with Alyssa Lopez. The only player who is coming close to Christian in terms of competition wins is Derek Xiao. He also won two back-to-back Power of Veto Competitions. Now Derek X has won this week’s Head of Household Competition  This puts him one win behind Christian. 

So in many ways, it makes sense for Derek to go after his biggest competition, and that’s just what he plans to do.

After Derek X’s Head of Household victory, he discussed plans to backdoor Christian. The house in general wants a former Kings member out of the game this week. The teams may be over, but the bonds from the teams still exist. Derek X promised both Xavier Prather and Alyssa that he wouldn’t nominate them this week, this leaves him with only two Kings options: Sarah Beth Steagall and Christian.

Derek X knows that Christian is too good of a competitor to let him play for the Power of Veto. Therefore, Derek X doesn’t want to nominate Christian initially. He also doesn’t want to nominate Sarah Beth, because if she gets Houseguest’s Choice in the Veto draw, she’s likely to pick Christian. This means both Christian and her have the potential to be safe this week.

Derek X plans to nominate two pawns. Two former Jokers, block star Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Fraiser. The plan is for someone to come off the block during Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony, and then Christian to go up in his or her place. Earlier today Derek X debated whether to nominate Sarah Beth and Britini or one of the other Jokers and Britini. 

Whether this plan succeeds or fails will all depend on tomorrow’s Power of Veto Competition.



Derek X nominate Britini and Sarah Beth for eviction. 


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