Who Was Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 23? (8/5/21)

Tonight, either Whitney Williams or Hannah Chaddha will be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. The current Head of Household, Christian Birkenberger, has made it clear he wants to target Whitney, as her eviction will suit his gameplay better. After Christian won the Power of Veto and kept his nominations the same, not much should stand in his way.

Big Brother 23 Julie Chen

Also tonight after the live eviction vote, the first endurance Head of Household competition will begin. Christian’s team, the Kings, have the numbers to control the Big Brother house, but will they be able to retain that control? Let’s find out.

Week Four Power of Veto Ceremony Fallout

Hannah knows she has the votes to stay in the Big Brother 23 house, but she is afraid that some houseguests are starting to catch on to her intelligence regarding the game. Sara Beth Steagall is the biggest culprit coming after Hannah and her Big Brother smarts.

Tiffany Mitchell knows how Sarah Beth feels and thinks she should share this information with Hannah. On the other side of things, Sara Beth and Kyland Young have a final two deal together. Kyland has said that he would choose his Cookout alliance over Sara Beth. Hannah is a member of the Cookout which really muddies the water for some of the Big Brother houseguests.

Big Brother 23 Kyland Young and SB

Whitney is working hard trying to convince the Big Brother 23 houseguests that Hannah is the better choice for eviction this week over her. Are her efforts too little too late?

Week Four Live Eviction Vote

Derek Frazier votes to evict Whitney
Britini D’Angelo votes to evict Whitney
Azah Asasum votes to evict Whitney
Kyland votes to evict Whitney
Alyssa Lopez votes to evict Whitney
Sarah Beth votes to evict Whitney
Claire Rehfuss votes to evict Whitney
Derek Xiao votes to evict Whitney
Tiffany votes to evict Whitney
Xavier Prather votes to evict Whitney

Big Brother 23 Whitney Julie

By a unanimous vote of 10-0, Whitney is evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. During Whitney’s live interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, she feels as though she was a target because she is pro-female empowerment. This made her a bigger threat, and she wasn’t afraid to make big moves in the house. That is certainly an interesting take.

Week Five Head of Household Competition

Before the HOH competition, Julie had some information to give to the Big Brother 23 houseguests. Julie announced that the Team Twist and Wildcard competitions are officially over. It’s every man for himself.

This HOH competition is called Whale of a Time. The houseguests are on the traditional endurance wall competition. They must hang on for dear life. The last houseguest left standing wins the next HOH.

Big Brother 23 HOH Week 5

Tune in Sunday, August 8 at 8/7c to see who won the HOH competition and who will be nominated to the block for eviction this week. If you can’t wait to find out who won the competition, just follow this link to watch on Paramount Plus.

Julie Chen standing next to large Big Brother sign with palm trees in the background.

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