Big Brother 23 Predictions: Is This The End For Whitney Or Hannah’s Game?

This week’s Big Brother 23 eviction is heading down a predictable path. However, this may be the last easy to predict Big Brother 23 eviction week of the season. Tonight, the Big Brother teams end. This means people who were once safe as long as their teammate won Head of Household, no longer have that safety. They also may only get one chance of safety: The Power of Veto Competition.

Big Brother 23 Hannah Chaddha and Whitney Williams

The last Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition played out this week resulting in Claire Rehfuss’s win and safety until jury. Claire is the only player who knows that she’s safe until after next week’s eviction. This week’s eviction is all about Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha.

Prior to Head of Household Christian Birkenberger’s nominations, he and showmance partner Alyssa Lopez were considering trying to evict Hannah this week. Kings member Sarah Beth Steagall was also pushing hard for Hannah to go this week, but others King member Xavier Prather was trying to keep Hannah safe as an unofficial Cookout member and a close ally. 

Other members of the Cookout like Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young also worked to keep Hannah from going this week. Once Christian won the Power of Veto, Whitney’s fate was pretty much sealed. 

Whitney will leave this week likely by a unanimous vote. However, the real game begins after Whitney’s eviction with the first endurance competition of Big Brother 23. 

Is this really the end for Whitney or will she pull a last-minute trick to save her Big Brother 23 game?

Join us tonight at 8:00pm EST for the next Big Brother 23 Live Eviction. We’ll be recapping it all live.

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