Big Brother Live Feeds Tuesday: Waking Up with the Houseguests

After the obligatory camera shut off while the Houseguests are blasted awake, the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds kicked off this morning with Lane and Britney looking sleepy as hell and semi-cuddling outside on the patio couch.

Big Brother Houseguests
Big Brother Houseguests chill (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Hayden is crashed out on the other end of the couch with his eyes closed and hood pulled over his head. Matt, in that damned hoodie of his (and is his hand down his pants AGAIN?), is bunched up on the other end of the couch-thing looking pasty. All the Houseguests so far this morning look like they were dragged behind a car or something last night.

Matt looking a bit rough (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feeds)

We kind of miss that the morning didn’t start off today with Britney’s ranting mirror monologue while she slaps on her pound of makeup. Maybe we’ll get it later, because it doesn’t look like she’s put on her face yet this morning to us. Kinda scary Brit-Brit.

Inside, Brendon – looking ridiculous with a white sleep mask strapped over his eyes – and Rachel are still in bed, disgustingly all up on each other. No one is talking, it’s dead quiet.

Brendon and Rachel
Brendon and Rachel (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Finally Lane breaks the silence to once again ponder his dreaming life, proclaiming that last night he did have any dreams, isn’t that odd. Matt yawns. Hayden’s head falls over to the side; it looks like he might start snoring any minute.

Brendon and Rachel are still being gross, snuggling in the bed.

And right as it sounds strangely like an airplane is about to go overhead… the feeds cut out. Sigh.

When the feeds resume, Enzo joins the others on the patio, simply sighing “Oh shit” out to the world at large. Lane and Britney appear to have fallen back to sleep until Enzo rouses them with a laugh.

Ragan is up and about, showing off his skinny shirtless self while getting dressed before he heads outside… and then right back inside – outside, inside – make up your mind dude. Camera four oddly pans to showing a monkey with lipstick on the floor… for a really long time.

Lipstick Monkey (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

Rachel finally crawls out of bed saying she needs to change her microphone battery, and heads into the bathroom. Brendon ignores her, rolls over and stays in bed.

Matt announces he is bored and heads back inside. Lane removes himself from Britney and gets up too to go waddle on one of the lounge chairs. Britney, in response, turns over and pulls the blanket over her up to her head to go back to sleep.

So pretty much, what we’re saying here, is that Tuesday is kind of a slow morning in the Big Brother house today so far. They need to pump some more caffeine into these guys in the morning!

Oh wait, Brendon just mumbled something about coffee from under the covers – guess he thinks so too!

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