Big Brother Spoilers: First Team America Houseguest Revealed!

We have the Big Brother spoilers for you on the first Team America vote results! In one of the biggest twists of the season, the viewers voted this week to determine the first member of a secret, three-person alliance that will be partially controlled by the fans. As if all the other Big Brother 16 twists with the double Heads of Household, four nominees, new ‘Battle of the Block’ competition, etc. weren’t enough to deal with.

Big Brother 16 cast (CBS)
Big Brother 16 cast (CBS)

We will be honest, we were pretty much convinced that the person who would get voted for the most this week would be YouTube personality Frankie Grande. Not only does he claim to have over a million followers himself, but he also has the support of his pop singer sister Ariana Grande and access to her millions of fans. It seemed like almost a guaranteed win for Frankie to get the most votes this week.

Imagine our surprise when it turned out that Frankie Grande did NOT win the first #TeamAmerica vote! Instead, it was Seattle native and makeup artist Joey Van Pelt. She seemed utterly thrilled at having been chosen. Especially when she found out that for ever secret mission the Team America alliance completes, each of them will earn $5,000.

We really did not see that coming. In fact, we probably would have chosen quite a few other players instead of her if it wasn’t going to be Frankie. She’s not a superfan, she’s not one of the super hunks or model girls, and she is a self-declared radical left-leaning environmentalist activist. Not really the person we’d think America would vote to the top right off the bat.

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But there you go, your first secret alliance member, Joey Van Pelt. Now that you know who the first person is, head on over and get to voting for the second person to join her on Team America.

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