Big Brother 23 Episode 11 Recap: Kings Call The Shots

Christian Birkenberger won the Head of Household competition in week four inside the Big Brother 23 house. This not only granted Christian safety for the week but also his teammates on the Kings, Xavier Prather, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall. This was a worst-case scenario for the remainder of the Big Brother house because the Kings are the only team remaining with all four members still in the game.

Big Brother 23 HOH

Claire Rehfuss won the last of the Wildcard competitions, and she chose to forgo giving safety for the week to her teammates, the Queens, in exchange for her own safety for the next two weeks. She is now guaranteed to make the jury. Tonight, the Power of Veto will be played with block nominees Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha fighting to save their games.

Week Four Block Nominee Fallout

Christian made it clear prior to the block nominations that his target this week was Whitney and not Hannah. For the moment, Hannah believed she would be safe. Although, Christian and his alliances have not made a definite decision on who to target for eviction this week.

Hannah promised Christian safety moving forward in the Big Brother game as long as she is only being used as a pawn.

Whitney went to the HOH room and spoke to Christian alone. She denied ever saying she would target the Kings if she won the HOH this week. Christian could see through her lies, and he knew she would have put him on the Big Brother block given the opportunity.

Week Four Power of Veto Competition

This week, Whitney, Hannah, and Christian are automatically competing in the POV competition. In addition, Claire, Derek X., and Azah Asasum will play in the Big Brother 23 competition.

This week’s Power of Veto competition is called Bump, Set, Veto. The players have to roll their volleyball up a clear plexiglass ramp that goes up over the net and onto the other side of the volleyball court. Once the ball is rolled, the player must run under the net and catch their volleyball off their ramp before it hits the ground.

Big Brother 23 Week Four POV

If the volleyball hits the ground, their score is reset to zero, and they must restart their tally. Each time the Big Brother veto players successfully catch their volleyball off the ramp, they will score one point. The first player to reach a score of 100 wins the golden power of veto.

After a lot of hard work, Christian won the Big Brother 23 week four golden power of veto for the second week in a row. Unfortunately, the closest player to Christian in the point race was Derek X., and he fell just short of the win.

Derek Put His Foot In His Mouth…BIG TIME

While chatting with fellow Big Brother 23 houseguests about who would possibly be eating slop next week, Derek X. made a comment implying that only he and Hannah would be left from the Aces. This was heard by his other teammate still in the game, Whitney.

Obviously, this made Whitney suspicious that Derek X. had knowledge that she would certainly be going home this week and not Hannah. She did not hold back her anger towards Derek X. for making this comment. In the diary room, she shared that she is going to try and use that information to save her game.

Whitney approached Christian and proposed to use the veto to save either her or Whitney and replace the nomination with Derek X. She mentioned what a competition beast he can be and how he is a threat to Christian’s game. Christian is in the Royal Flush alliance with Derek X. and doesn’t necessarily want to take shots at his alliance members quite yet.

Week Four Power Of Veto Ceremony

When all was said and done, Christian decided not to use the power of veto. He decided to keep the nominations the same. Therefore, either Whitney or Hannah will be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house this week. As it stands now, Whitney is the target, but anything can change in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 23 Whitney Hannah

Tune in Thursday, August 5 at 8/7c for the live eviction vote and the first endurance HOH competition of the season.

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