Big Brother 23 Week Four Alliance Update: Kings Rule The House

This week inside the Big Brother 23 house the Kings are in control. They are the only original team alliance with all four members still in the game. Now that Christian Birkenberger won the Head of Household this week, they have all four of their members, and they have allies working with them all around the Big Brother house, the Kings are calling the shots…for now.

Big Brother 23 Alliance Breakdown

Although the Kings seem firmly in control, not all of the Kings’ allies agree with their target for the week. That has caused some friction in the Big Brother 23 house. Christian has nominated Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha to the block for eviction. Which one will be the target for the week?

The Royal Flush Bounces Back

The Royal Flush alliance was in a bit of trouble last week. That changed when a member of the Kings won the HOH, and the Queens came to their senses and played things safe. The Kings were the number one target going into this week because they still had all their members intact, which gave them a distinct advantage in the game. They should become the target again once they lose power in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 23 Alliances

The Queens and Aces (now the defunct Mafia alliance) were all about taking down a King this week if they had won the power to do so. They did not, and the Queens decided to ride the King train for protection.

The Cookout Remains Loyal

When Christian put Whitney and Hannah on the block, the issue became which of the two Big Brother 23 house members to target for the week. Christian has been leaning towards targeting Whitney over Hannah all week. The Royal Flush alliance is OK with that except for those members that are also in the Cookout, like Kyland Young and Xavier Prather.

Big Brother 23 Hannah Derek X

Although Hanna is not an official member of the Cookout alliance, she is definitely benefitting from their loyalty and desire to protect her in the Big Brother game. They would much prefer to see Whitney evicted this week over Hannah, but they don’t want to play their hand just yet. Pushing too hard to save Hannah over Whitney could reveal the other alliance (the Cookout) they are in which would blow up their game in a heartbeat. Easy does it.

Roundup Of Remaining Alliances

The Detectives are a newer alliance that includes Ky, Claire Rehfuss, Tiffany Mitchell (aka. the Queens), and Derek Xiao (the Aces). They are a strong foursome that could go pretty far together in the Big Brother game.

The newest alliance in the Big Brother 23 house, which doesn’t even have a name yet, is a final four deal made up of two duos. Let me explain. Christian and Alyssa Lopez are together as each other’s ride or die. Claire and Tiffany have the same arrangement (sans the showmance). All four have come together as of late and made a final four deal.

Before Christian won the HOH this week, his name and Alyssa’s were on many houseguest’s lips as a target for eviction. Once Christian won, those plans were set aside for the moment. Tiffany and Claire are taking advantage of the opportunity to align with them while they hold the power. Once that power is gone, I suspect Claire and Tiffany would be too.

Big Brother 23 Allies

There are a plethora of final two deals in the Big Brother 23 house. Christian and Alyssa, Ky and Sarah Beth, Tiffany and Claire, Ky and Derek Frazier, Xavier and Derek F., and Christian and Derek F. are all in final two deals with one another. Some of those make sense, and some of those do not. Time will tell which are the strongest.

The all-girls alliance never seemed to take off in the Big Brother 23 house, just like every other year. Claire, Tiffany, and Sara Beth still have the Jackpot alliance, but that doesn’t look like it will last much longer. Claire and Tiffany are turning the tide on Sarah Beth so that threesome is about to end.

Who Is More Likely To Be Evicted This Week?

Most of Christian’s allies are on board with him to target Whitney this week and keep Hannah, except one. Sarah Beth Steagall, a member of the Kings, has her mindset that Hannah needs to go and now. She believes that Hannah is an absolute Big Brother mastermind and much smarter than she has let her fellow houseguests know. It takes one to know one.

Big Brother 23 Week 4 Block

With the members of the Cookout quietly pushing to keep Hannah, the most likely target to leave this week will be Whitney. She has tried her best to bring other targets to Christian, but those suggestions have all fallen short. She is aware her days are numbered and barring a miracle, she will be the next houseguest to leave the Big Brother 23 house.

The Kings clearly have the numbers in regards to the teams remaining in the game. That is a blessing and also a curse at the same time. I fear as soon as one of the other teams has the opportunity to take out a King, they will do so. The Kings need to do all they can to keep power in the Big Brother house, or the alliances could be in for a big shake-up.

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