Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 4 Head Of Household Results (07/29/21)

This week’s Big Brother 23 Head of Household Competition may be the most exciting one yet. For the past three weeks, the house has kind of decided on a target. This Big Brother 2021 week, the houseguests have been divided on who to target. It will really depend on who wins this week’s Head of Household Competition.

Big Brother 23 Alyssa Lopez in Week 4 Head of Household

Weeks 1-3, it didn’t really matter who won the Big Brother Head of Household as long as it wasn’t the house’s target. Travis Long, Brandon “Frenchie” French, and Brent Champagne were going to go home in most HOH outcomes. Now anyone could end up walking out the Big Brother 23 door this week.

Many targets are pointed at either Whitney Williams, Hannah Chaddha, and the showmance of Alyssa Lopez and Christian Birkenberger. If any of these four players win, then there could be a major eviction order shakeup. It seems like Alyssa and Christian are in the most danger this week as a showmance and part of the very strong Kings team. The Kings are the only team left with four players: Christian, Alyssa, Sarah Beth Steagall, and former Head of Household Xavier Prather

This is also the final week of teams and the Wildcard Competition. Though the teams will be over, the bonds formed in these teams will likely remain strong. Taking out a member of the Kings prevents these four from possibly steamrolling the house a bit. Whitney would also be an easy target as many have thrown out her name to go next. This would wipe out half of The Aces, but Derek Xiao and Hannah are not as much of a target if it’s only the two of them, and they’re both protected by a few alliances.

Any Head of Household outcome should be a good one this week. The competition involved houseguests competing in teams. They had to try to put a surfboard puzzle together, but only one person could work every 25 seconds. They then needed to hit buzzer and switch before the time ran out. The player to put the final puzzle piece became HOH.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 23 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out!



Big Brother 23 Week 4 HOH Christian Birkenberger

Christian won the Head of Household!

This means the entire Kings team will be safe (Alyssa, Sarah Beth, Christian, and Xavier). Christian will likely target Whitney and Hannah.


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