Big Brother 23 Spoilers: The Wildcard Competition Week 4 Results

The Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition ends this week. This means this is the Big Brother 23 houseguests’ final chance at safety through the Wildcard. So far, Christian Birkenberger, Sarah Beth Steagall, and Tiffany Mitchell have all won Wildcard Competitions and safety, but Christian has been the only one to take it. He’s also the only Big Brother 2021 houseguests to need the Wildcard to win and win it. Sarah Beth and Tiffany were both in good positions the week they won it.

Big Brother 2021 Wildcard Competition

This week’s Wildcard Competition will be vital for Whitney Williams as she has become the new Big Brother 23 house target. Current Head of Household Christian will likely nominate Whitney and her fellow Aces member Hannah Chaddha. If Whitney wins the Wildcard Competition, that might dramatically shift this week’s focus. Christian has spoken to some Kings members about not wanting to target Whitney, but a few players may be able to sway him in that direction.

Hannah is not eligible to play in this week’s Wildcard Competition because she played in the first one. This means there is a high possibility that Hannah will see the block. The Jokers still have two players who can play in this week’s Wildcard Competition, Azah Awasum and Derek Fraiser. The queens only have Claire  Rehfuss eligible to play, so she will automatically be playing this week.

The Kings won the Head of Household Competition, so once again, none of them will play in the Wildcard Competition. The Aces also only have one member left who can play, Whitney, so Whitney is for sure playing in Wildcard today and she needs it. Azah is likely to be the third player. Making this week’s Wildcard Competition players: Claire, Azah, and Whitney. 

So who won this week’s final Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition? Read below to find out!



Claire won the Wildcard Competition!

Claire took safety and with it, she’s safe until jury. However, if our calculations are right, this just means she’s safe for the next two evictions.

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