Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Overnight Live Feeds Report – 8/22/2014

The Big Brother spoilers overnight from the Live Feeds weren’t much fun for us as the Head of Household Competition did not go at all like we hoped it would. We were left at the end of the night feeling pessimistic about anyone we actually like ending up as the Big Brother 2014 winner.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

7:25 PM – Live Feeds return after the eviction show and we are expecting/hoping to see a Head of Household Competition going on. Instead, we have the Houseguests filling in Nicole on what happened while she was gone.

7:30 PM – Derrick tells Frankie and Cody that they don’t owe any explanations or anything else to Nicole. They mutually agree that no one should be talking to Nicole alone or they may be suspected of plotting. Derrick says he doesn’t want to see ANYONE behind closed doors with her. (He knows he’s on track to win this thing and doesn’t want anyone screwing that up.) No one should be even thinking about making any deals with Nicole or they will become targets. Derrick gives everyone a pep talk about sticking together and being loyal. (Like you were with Zach?)

7:45 PM – Donny tells Nicole what he can about what’s being going on with the game in the house. Nicole says her only targets right now are Derrick and Cody. Donny is thrilled to have someone back in the house on his side. Donny says Victoria has no clue about what is really going on and she just tells “them” everything.

8:00 PM – Now the target has flipped back to getting Donny out before Nicole this week. Derrick tells Christine not to go behind closed doors with Nicole.

8:05 PM – After seeing Nicole and Donny talking, Victoria tells Derrick that the two of them are working together. Derrick says they have to win HoH.

8:30 PM – Donny tries to pretend to Frankie that he is excited that they may get another Team America mission and get more money in the bank. He’s working any angle he can.

8:50 PM – Live Feeds go down for the Head of Household Competition. Big Brother After Dark watchers get to see some of what happens but the Live Feeds stay dark. Not cool CBS.

10:10 PM – Live Feeds return and apparently Cody has won the HoH, just barely beating out Donny. That pretty much spells doom for Donny and Nicole. One of them will go home this week. It all just depends on what happens at the Power of Veto Competition.

10:15 PM – Nicole and Donny know there is practically no hope for either of them to make it to the final three at this point. Regardless of what happens at the PoV, one of them is going to get the boot unless a major miracle happens. Donny is glad at least to have a friend in the house again.

10:20 PM – Frankie tackles Cody and lays on him in the bed. He’s trying to turn Cody into his new Zach. Cody says he will put up Nicole and Donny. No need for a backdoor plan because if Donny wins PoV, then they can evict Nicole. Cody, Christine, Frankie, and Victoria smack talk about Donny for a while. They all hate him. We really just don’t get it.

10:30 PM – Frankie thinks it is stupid that Donny thinks he has any fans outside the house. We really, really hope Donny wins America’s Favorite and smokes you Frankie.

10:40 PM – Frankie says he will sleep in the HoH room with Cody. Derrick teases Frankie that he might have to give Cody a hand job or a BJ. They tease that Cody might be gay and Frankie says Cody told him his butt looked good. They speculate on Pandora’s Box coming soon.

11:05 PM – Nicole talks about being evicted. Victoria relates the story of cutting up Zach’s pink hat. They tell Nicole about what they think Zach did with being a saboteur. Nicole says she kissed Hayden and talks about maybe something happening with them after the show.

11:25 PM – Nicole talks about her relationship with Hayden heating up in the Jury house and that they might even date after the show.

11:40 PM – Houseguests wonder why they had another ‘mental’ Head of Household and not an endurance challenge. We wonder that too.

12:00 AM – Head of Household room for Cody unveiled. He gets a letter from his mom, a picture of his family, and a Poppa Roach CD.

12:15 AM – Donny jokingly asks if he gets to sleep in the HoH room and Cody says go right ahead. Frankie says that would be awkward since that is where he sleeps.

12:30 AM – Nicole talks more about cuddling with Hayden, how he made her breakfast in the mornings, and that they went skinny dipping. But they live so far apart she doesn’t see anything working out with him.

12:45 AM – Caleb shows off his ninja moves again.

1:35 AM – Nicole practices what she will say to Cody to try to get him not to nominate her and Donny together on the block.

1:50 AM – Nicole campaigns to Cody and tells him that she would never put him on the block. (Lies.) He says Donny is the real target this week. She pushes Cody that he isn’t going to make it to the end and Caleb and Frankie will turn on him.

2:15 AM – Breaking all tradition in the Big Brother 16 house, Cody tells Frankie he does not want to share his HoH room with him tonight. OMG Frankie will have to sleep in a normal bedroom in a normal bed? OMG!

2:25 AM – Christine is not happy that Julie Chen basically called her on her sh*t on live TV for throwing the Battle of the Block Competition. She says she hates Julie’s guts.

2:50 AM – Victoria vents her paranoia to Derrick about getting Zinged over having a crap game. Derick says she is safe and to just be happy this week.

3:30 AM – Once again the conspiracy theories around how Donny has to be something other than a simple groundskeeper get tossed around. Lots more Donny bashing. Victoria shows everyone the pink hat she destroyed.

4:30 AM – Cody and Caleb randomly talk about what people think of them that are watching the show. We think they wouldn’t be so happy if they knew…

4:50 AM – Derrick, Christine, and Victoria talking about how Victoria is a virgin and waiting on the right guy, etc. etc. Derrick tries to go off to sleep but Victoria keeps making him stay with her while she eats. Finally he just leaves.

5:02 PM – Frankie, Christine, and Cody are all up in the HoH room snuggling in the bed. Cody reaches over Frankie to hold Christine’s hand.

Nothing much else before everyone is asleep and getting their rest for the upcoming nominations!

Stay tuned for more in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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