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With Lawon putting himself up for eviction and pretty much everyone on board for letting him get evicted, Thursday started off rather slow in the Big Brother 13 house. That all changed after the crazy live eviction show, of course, when all hell broke loose on the Big Brother live feeds!

The houseguests got a late start on Thursday morning and half of them didn’t even start waking up until after 10AM BBT.

Kalia and Shelly shack up in the Head of Household room for a bit to talk about Lawon and Rachel. Kalia thinks Rachel is a pathological liar and Lawon is an idiot. Shelly tells Kalia that she thinks that no one is coming back and Kalia has been talked into this whole Lawon thing. Shelly says she thinks she can control Rachel, but Kalia says no way with all the “venom” she has. Kalia says she doesn’t think Porsche is as dishonest as Shelly thinks she is.

Kalia says her worst case scenario is having Brendon somehow come back in the house because then it would be him and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan again. She says she should talk to Rachel and Shelly goes down to tell her. Rachel tells Jordan she’s not even going to go talk to Kalia. Jordan says Kalia is stupid. Jeff says if Rachel goes home they are screwed.

Just before 2PM BBT, Adam whispers to Porshe while she is in the shower that he is going to vote to keep Rachel. Porsche promises that she will vote the way he does.

Kalia and Lawon talk around 2:35PM BBT and she tells him that Shelly doesn’t trust anything he says. She also says Shelly thinks CBS would not pay to keep all four of the previous houseguests in sequester this long. Kalia thinks they might though.

Everyone is kind of lazy and most of the talk for the day is rehashing of the same ideas and strategies and a bit of wishy washy from a few over the whole Lawon versus Rachel vote. It’s pretty clear, however, that Rachel has the votes to stay.

The feeds cut out to trivia for the live eviction show in CBS, which you can read all about here.

When the feeds come back just after 7PM BBT, Jordan, Jeff, Shelly, Rachel and newly returned Brendon are in the purple room celebrating. They all dance around in a circle saying thank you America!

Daniele, Kalia and Porsche, meanwhile, are not so happy. Kalia says as soon as they said Brendon’s name, she was thinking she could ‘self-evict’ because she didn’t want to be there any more. Daniele says she literally wants to punch her hand through a wall. She says she was totally right about the twist. (And she was.) Daniele and Kalia are not pleased that Brendon got to see their mean goodbye messages. (Brendon later says he plans to rub Kalia’s message in her face.)

After the others leave, Rachel gets Brendon caught up on what has been going on. She is so happy because now they can ‘get married and play all summer together’. Rachel whispers to Brendon that she thinks Shelly is playing both sides. They lay all over each other. Yuck.

Finally, Kalia comes out of the Diary Room and announces it is time for the Head of Household competition.

When the live feeds return from trivia, it looks like Daniele has managed to seriously pull one out of her ass and win the HOH competition. Daniele is super excited. As she should be, because she could have easily gotten sent packing at the next eviction. Porsche tells Daniele she wants Shelly out. Daniele says Brendon has to go this week again. She says she is going to guarantee that he goes unless he wins Power of Veto.

Things are going to get some kind of nasty in the house if Daniele goes and puts Brendon right up again. Especially if she puts Rachel and Brendon up together again. We can see some serious Rachel mental breakdowns in the future…

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