Big Brother 23 Spoilers: The Wildcard Competition Week 1 Results

Before Big Brother 23 premiered, the Big Brother 2021 show producers announced the Wildcard Competition. This competition could grant one player safety this week. On the Big Brother 23 premiere episode, Brandon “Frenchie” French became the first Head of Household of the season. As captain of The Joker team, he and his teammates [Derek Fraiser, Azah Awasum and Britini D’Angelo] are all safe for the week. 

Big Brother 23 Wildcard Competition

The Big Brother Wildcard Competition may allow another player to join them. The three unsafe teams, The Queens, The Kings, and The Aces, all will nominate one member of their team to compete in the competition. The winner of it, then can choose safety for himself or herself, and himself or herself only, or not take it. If the Wildcard winner does not take safety, then he or she is eligible to be nominated this week and nothing changes.

If he or she chooses to take safety, then it will result in a punishment either for the individual, his or her team, or the entire house. Since the Big Brother 23 team twist continues for the next four weeks, likely the Wildcard Competition will as well. With Frenchie as HOH, Travis Long, Brent Champagne, and Christian Birkenberger are likely the players most in danger of becoming Frenchie’s target. However, they are not aware of this, just yet. In the game of Big Brother 23, you should never feel too safe, so taking the safety and risking punishment may be worth it. 

On Thursday afternoon, the other three teams picked their players. Kyland Young, Christian, and were picked to play in the Wildcard Competition. We finally have a winner….

Read below to find out



Christian won the Wildcard Competition!

He chose safety and rumor is he also got to make someone else safe. He picked Xavier Prather . This should really shake up Frenchie’s plans for the week, since Derek X and Christian were likely a target.



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