Big Brother 23: Everything We Know So Far

Big Brother 23 starts in less than a week, and the pieces are finally starting to come together. We had two major drops this week so far. A few interviews with Big Brother producers Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner revealed very important details about the upcoming season of Big Brother. We also finally met the Big Brother 23 cast. Everything we know about Big Brother 23 has us so excited.

It’s not that long before the new season starts, but we’re all anxiously waiting for any tidbit and clues we get for the new Big Brother season. Let’s explore what we know so far about Big Brother 23.

The Cast Is More Diverse Than Ever

In November 2020, CBS announced that 50 percent of their reality show contestants would be black, indigenous, or people of color. They stuck to their promise with a cast that looks much more racially diverse than we’ve seen in previous seasons. We also have 16-all new houseguests with no returning players. 

The house is made up of plenty of fans and superfans, so it should be an interesting Big Brother season.

There Will Be A Team Twist

Parade broke down how this year’s team twist will work. For the first four weeks, the Big Brother 23 contestants will be playing in teams. The teams will be made up of four houseguests, so four teams of four. On the Big Brother 23 premiere night, contestants will enter the house in groups of four (similar to what happened on the Big Brother 22 premiere episode). Each group will compete in a competition and the winner of the group will become a team captain. They also get to compete in the Head of Household competition.

The team captains then get to view 90-second videos of the other houseguests. They pick them based on these 90-second videos. Once the teams are made, the four captains get to compete for Head of Household. The winner of the HOH competition also secures safety for their entire team. 

The losing teams then will get other chances to win safety. One way is the “Wildcard Competition.” This competition airs on Sunday episodes. The “Wildcard Competition” involves each team nominating one player from their team to play in the competition. The winner of the competition could pick safety. If they pick safety, it will result in a punishment either for them, their team, or the entire house. The producers also emphasized that the punishment won’t be something easy like the entire house on slop. It will be something with real consequences. 

The Big Brother 23 Premiere Will Be 90-Minutes With A Beach-Casino Theme

Like previous seasons, the Big Brother 23 premiere will be 90-minutes, followed by the premiere of Love Island. Julie Chen-Moonves returns as the Big Brother host. The 90-minute premiere will also be live. 

In an interview with US Weekly, Meehan and Grodner revealed that the house and theme of the season will look like a “Big Brother Beach Club.” It will also involve challenges that put the risk vs reward concept into effect. The houseguests will get opportunities to take risks that could lead to rewards or punishments. On the first night, Big Brother will do something never done with giving the HOH an opportunity never given before on BB. If they take the offer, it could be great rewards or not-so-great consequences. 

The COVID Protocols Remain In Effect

The start of Big Brother 23 will also have no audience members, but as the COVID protocols loosen, Meehan and Grodner told US Weekly that things could change in terms of audience members. Meehan and Grodner stayed hush on whether the houseguests were required to be vaccinated, but they did say the houseguests and crew would be tested for the coronavirus weekly. Likely, the houseguests will have to wear masks when meeting and talking to Julie. 

The Big Brother 23 Season Could Be 80+ Days

We don’t know how long Big Brother 23 will last, but Meehan and Grodner told US Weekly that it would be “comparable to previous seasons.” This likely means that the houseguests will likely be locked away for at least 80 days. Because the Big Brother 23 houseguests will be moving into the BB house live on Wednesday, the live-feeds will also start on night one. 

That means Big Brother fans will want to make sure to get the Big Brother 23 live feeds to watch it all unfold from night one and beyond. 

Make sure to tune-in to the Big Brother 23 premiere on July 7, 2021 at 8:00pm EST.

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