Celebrity Big Brother Finale Spoilers: Who Made the Final Two?

Tonight Celebrity Big Brother needs to evict three people. THREE. This is the most houseguests to be evicted in a single night. Going into tonight’s two-hour Celebrity Big Brother finale, we already know who will be evicted first.

Celebrity Big Brother Finale Julie Chen

Unless some extreme gaming went down while the feeds were off, Omarosa should be the first evicted tonight on Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Head of Household Ross Mathews has finally gotten his way, because he won Power of Veto, and convinced Mark McGrath and Marissa Jaret Winokur that getting out Omarosa over Ariadna Gutierrez is best for all of their games.

Once Omarosa leaves the game, we will go straight into the final Head of Household competition. On Friday, Julie Chen explained to viewers that whoever wins this last HOH competition gets to pick who to sit next to in the final two.

This means whoever doesn’t get picked will automatically be eliminated. Julie better have a lot of questions ready, since she’ll have to interview three people tonight.

So which three houseguests left the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight? And who is in the final two? Read below to find out.



Celebrity Big Brother Omaros Evicted

By two to one-Omarosa was the first player evicted.

Marissa won the final Head of Household. She chose to bring Ross with her. This means Ari and Mark are evicted.

Celebrity Big Brother Mark McGrath and Ariadna Gutierrez Evicted

Marissa and Ross are the final two.

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