Who Won Power of Veto On Celebrity Big Brother Week 4.5? 02/24/18

We are only one day away from the Celebrity Big Brother finale. Before the jury can vote on a winner, we have to go from five players  to  two, and then the final winner. Today is going to be a fast paced day with nominations and Power of Veto competition playing out in one day.

Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto

Last night, Ross Mathews won the second to last Head of Household competition of Celebrity Big Brother. Keeping with his rivalry with Omarosa, she is his target for the week. He has made Ariadna Gutierrez his second target. Both women desperately need the Power of Veto if they want to stay in the game.

Omarosa may be Ross’s target, but she is great at convincing people to see things her way. She could easily persuade Mark McGrath and Marissa Jaret Winokur to vote out Ari over her. Marissa would be a very hard person to convince because she loves Ari, and wouldn’t want to betray Ross. However, a part of Marissa really wants to win Celebrity Big Brother.

She can’t beat Ari, but if the celebrities are extremely worried about their image, so they may not want to give Omarosa a win against anyone. This may make Marissa think that Omarosa is a better final two opponent than Ari. Mark may be a little bitter that Omarosa evicted his buddy James Maslow, but he knows Ariadna has a better shot at winning the game than Omarosa. So his vote could be flipped easily.

In a dream world, Ariadna and Omarosa could have been the final two Celebrity Big Brother fans deserve. Now, this Power of Veto competition saves one, and ends the other’s game.

So who won this week’s final Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto competition?



A little before the feeds went down, the houseguests picked the order of their individual challenge. The order was as followed:

Ross went first.
Ariadna went second.
Omarosa went third.
Marrisa went fourth.
Mark went fifth.

After over four hours, the winner was revealed to be…Ross Mathews.

Nominations will stay the same, and Omarosa is most likely to leave the game first tomorrow night.

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