Big Brother 19 Rankings: The 5 Power Players of Week 2

Last week, Cody Nickson started the Big Brother 19 game with a lot of power. He was the leader of the power alliance and held the Head of Household title. However, Cody failed to realize that Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott held the true influence in his Big Brother 19 power alliance.

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez

He was quick to realize that he had no control when eight out of the 12 votes were against his plan.Instead of adapting, and trying to gain some power back, Cody let himself fall to the bottom of the Big Brother 19 house. Coming into the end of the 2nd week of Big Brother 2017, Cody is the person with the least power in the house. This shows how quickly things change in the game.

As Cody’s reign lasted a mere week, other players have began to gain more power. Alex Ow, for example, started at the bottom, and now has moved to the middle of the house. Meanwhile, players like Jason Dent, Jessica Graf, and Ramses Soto allowed themselves to drop to the bottom, just like Cody.

So which Big Brother 19 players are the five power players this week? Read below to find out.

#5. Mark Jansen

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

Mark’s likable personality has allowed him to form strong bonds with many players. With the guidance of Elena Davies, Dominique, and Christmas, he’s also making better strategic moves. Mark is doing the best job of incorporating the once outsiders, now allies, into the big power alliance.

Josh Martinez and Kevin Schlehuber seem to be easy players for Mark to try to gain as allies, and possible numbers in the future. His relationship with Dominique accounts for much of his good game play. She seems to keep him grounded, and away from emotional moves.

#4. Dominique Cooper

Big Brother 19 Dominique Cooper

Dominique is playing an effective behind the scenes, kill them with kindness game. Many players seek out Dominique for advice, and like having her positive attitude and faith to help guide them in the game. Dominique has really helped Mark keep a level head in Big Brother, and been a go-between with Elena and his showmance issues.

Additionally, power players like Paul like and trust Dominique. The only thing that could hurt her is if she lets emotions get involved in her game, and if players start to see how much others depend on her.

#3. Kevin Schlehuber

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

Kevin showed the best game play this week. He effortlessly threw any target that might be brought his way to Ramses. He then managed to be a player that everyone likes, including Cody and Jessica, who don’t like anyone.

Kevin continues to play the fun confidant to many Big Brother 19 players. Even when he betrays people, they refuse to believe it. If Kevin keeps this up, we may (hopefully) see him go far in the Big Brother 19 game.

#2. Raven Walton

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

It’s hard to pinpoint any of Raven’s strategy. She’s simply being nice and sharing her story about having gastroparesis. The players sympathize with Raven enough to make it their mission to see her win this game. They want her to go as far as possible.

In Big Brother 19, just being herself is enough to give her most of the power in the house. People don’t want to be that person to take her out of the game. They also look to her as a shoulder to cry on when the game gets to them.

We see Raven naturally going far, but we would like to see her actually use her position in the game to make some power moves.

#1. Paul Abrahamian

Big Brother Paul Abrahamian

Did you expect anyone else to rank on top this week? At this point, Big Brother 19 could change its name to Paul and his minions. That’s how much influence he has over the house and this game.

But as we all know, unless your name is Derrick Levasseur, you’re probably not going to keep this much control too long. Paul should be able to keep his power for a few more weeks, but once he no longer has safety, we expect (and hope) the wolves will start to circle.

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