Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction Nominations – Week 4.5

With only five people remaining in the Celebrity Big Brother game, it’s hard to really hide your target, and make any moves but the straightforward one. All season, Ross Mathews has been trying to evict Omarosa. Omarosa has also been trying to evict him. It’s been back and forth nearly the entire Celebrity Big Brother season.

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Omarosa has won two Head of Household competitions. Her target for both of her reigns has been Ross. Then Ross has won the Power of Veto both of these times. Ross has also won HOH twice.

The first time, the house decided to try to backdoor Shannon Elizabeth, but Keshia Knight Pulliam wanted to leave instead. This killed Ross’s goal of evicting Omarosa. Now with Ross in power once again, he’s out for Omarosa’s blood.

If by chance, Omarosa wins Power of Veto, then Ross is making the strategic move of getting out his biggest competition: Ariadna Gutierrez. Targeting Ari, will likely cost Ross yet another vote.

Last night, Ross made a deal with Mark McGrath to not nominate him (unless he has to of course via a POV win), which means Ari or Omarosa will likely leave the Celebrity Big Brother house in fifth place.

So did Ross stick with his plan to nominate Ariadna and Omarosa?



Yes, Ross has nominated Ariadna Gutierrez and Omarosa for eviction. Omarosa is his target, but the Power of Veto could flip this last eviction before the finals.

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