Big Brother 17 Recap: Nominations & Battle of the Block – Week 4

Shelli and Liz are in control of the Big Brother 17 house as the Heads of Household for week 4. Will they work together to decide who to put up on the block as eviction nominees? Or will they make nice when they are together, but undermine each other behind closed doors?

Jul/Liz on Big Brother 17 (CBS)

Who will Shelli and Liz choose to target for eviction this week? Will Audrey finally get the backdoor that’s been planned for her over and over, only to fall through every week? So many questions we have to have answered on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

We don’t know about you, but we’re a bit tired of the same side of the house getting power every week. Unfortunately that means that we’ll probably be seeing a lot of repeat cycle going on with the Eviction Nominations and the Battle of the Block this week. (If you can’t wait to find out the Big Brother spoilers for who was nominated and what happened at Battle of the Block, you can check those out here.)

We don’t expect a lot of rocking of the boat no matter who ends up winning the Battle of the Block, but we can always hope for a fun, dramatic twist to shake things up!

Stay tuned for our full recap of Sunday night’s Big Brother 17 Eviction Nominations and Battle of the Block show right here! (Refresh this page frequently for the latest updates!)

The Sixth Sense alliance is still in power with Shelli and Jul/Liz as the new Heads of Household. Clay tells Shelli he is so proud of her! Of course he is, because it means he is probably safe as can be this week with Shelli and ally Jul/Liz in power. It’s all good news for Jul/Liz as well, because she only has to survive two more weeks and they both get to play in the house as individuals.

Big Brother 17 Episode 12 2

Speaking of happy people, Audrey is also pleased. She calls it the “most beautiful comeback ever.” She still thinks Clay and Shelli are tight enough with her that they will keep her safe this week. Little does she know that they’ve been smack talking behind her back all week, and she could easily end up a backdoor target.

Jackie is feeling a little alone without Jeff in the house now. She’s hoping that she won’t become a target because of Jeff’s actions in the game before he was evicted.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 1

Liz gives a shoutout to the cameras in private to her twin Julia and says that was all for her. She tells Austin that she and Julia will be switching the next day. He says they need to figure out who the four votes were for Jeff. (It was Jackie, Johnny Mac, Steve, and Jul/Liz.)

Austin says in Diary Room that someone lied to his face and there is some shady stuff going on this week. He tells Liz he thinks it was Becky, Johnny Mac, and Jackie as a threesome, and Audrey as the fourth vote. In Diary Room, Liz admits she voted to evict James over Jeff, even though it was against her alliance. She voted to keep Jeff because she had a connection with him, not with James. But no one will know that until they are evicted.

Liz is so excited because really this means she and Julia are so close to their goal. Plus, Austin can play for Head of Household next week, and maybe win, which would definitely keep them safe. Liz says it was good Austin didn’t win this week so he doesn’t look like a threat. Austin wonders about Steve and whether he threw the Head of Household because it was so easy and Steve is so smart. We get a look at Steve in the cameras and it appears he is eavesdropping on the end of the conversation about him maybe throwing the HoH.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 4

Steve talks to himself in the bedroom, calling himself a total idiot for missing the first question. He says he would have thrown it, yes, but not on the first question because that would be stupid. He says he would have thrown it smarter than that. He says the rumors he threw it are already off the wall.

Audrey and Jason talk about the nominations. Jason expects he will be screwed again. Audrey says it is scarier not to be put up and have to be afraid to be backdoored. Jason says it is stupid to keep nominating him every time and keep throwing the same people up. In Diary Room, Jason says he is afraid to keep being nominated because no one will care if he goes home. No one will defend him or stand up for him.

Jason tells Audrey he thinks Liz will come after him because he keeps talking about the ‘twin thing.’ (Audrey is like the last person to suspect/know that Liz/Julia are twins. No one has been talking to her about this.) Audrey says has heard about the “alternating twins” rumor but she thinks Liz will probably just think it is a joke.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 6

Shelli calls Clay a “poopy head” for being mad over not winning the Head of Household. Really? Do you have to emphasize the age difference by treating him like a four-year-old? He says he is happy for her though. She says it was an “attention to detail” comp and he’ll get an endurance one. Because, you know, he’s more brawn than brains.

Clay says there was four votes. Shelli jokingly asks if it was him. He says no. He thinks it was either Steve or Becky who threw the extra vote they didn’t expect.

Now it’s time for the HoH room reveal. Liz is excited and stoked to go see the HoH room. But she’s nervous about Jason and Johnny Mac because they are looking really hard into the twin thing. So she’s worried because she doesn’t know what to expect.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 7

Shelli gets pictures of her dog. Liz gets pictures of her family, including a picture of a cute little girl with no front teeth. Johnny Mac is looking really close at the photos. In Diary Room, he says he has a theory that one of the twins has a number 9 crown and the other doesn’t. He says it’s very clever to have a photo of a kid without that number 9 tooth!

Weirdly, Shelli’s letter is from her dog Rango. In Diary Room, Jason says it was probably a smarter letter than Clay would have written. Liz’s letter is from her mom and closes off with telling her not to cry because she is an ugly crier. Johnny Mac is suspicious of the letter because it lacks “heartfelt emotional content directed at one person” and could have easily been written for two people.

Audrey calls time for some kind of crazy Broadway-esque song and dance routine with Meg, Shelli, and Jason. It’s kind of cute but boy Shelli can’t carry a tune in a bucket. James just eats the whole time and Clay looks like he wants to bury his face in a pillow and laugh at the horror.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 9

Shelli, Austin, and Liz talk about how to protect the twins next week. Clay says he thinks they have to get out someone who would definately go after them next week. He says Jason, or Meg. Liz says James. Clay thinks Jason would be the best option as the most threat.

In Diary Room, Austin says it is all about the Sixth Sense alliance. So far they have gotten out Da’Vonne and Jeff, and now they need another target that is going to come after them. Clay says he doesn’t have a good feeling about Jackie either. Liz asks about putting up Audrey and Jackie. She just has no connection with Jackie.

Clay says he thinks Audrey can still be a number for them. Austin says Audrey is a target for “them.” However, Shelli says if Audrey doesn’t get targeted or backdoored again, people are going to start being suspicious. Clay talks about the fourth vote and says he really thinks it is Becky. The others agree that they think it is her too. (Including Liz, who was the actual fourth vote.)

Steve struggles how to put up the ironing board after using it, which just goes to show that super smart people still can’t figure out how to do silly things sometimes.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 15

Jackie talks to Austin about how Jeff really put her whole game on hold. Austin says Jackie has a whole new lease on life now that she is totally separated from him. Jackie says in Diary Room and tells Austin that whatever happened with Jeff isn’t associated with her. He nods and agrees.

Jackie asks Austin if he knows what is going on. He says he is on her side, and says he doesn’t think Shelli and Liz are going after her. He says they might use her as a pawn though. In Diary Room, Austin says this may be an opportunity to get inside her head and get another Houseguest on his side. He tells her that he really likes her and doesn’t want her to go. In Diary Room, Jackie says it seems like Austin might have her back, but also seems to be trying to scare her by telling her she could be a pawn. She doesn’t know what kind of game he is playing.

Shelli tells Jackie she is totally golden with her. Jackie says she thinks Liz may put her up because Austin said she might. Shelli says they haven’t confirmed any nominations. In Diary Room, Shelli is pissed about Austin talking to Jackie like that. He is starting to worry her.

Jackie says she wouldn’t blame Liz for putting her up because they’ve never talked game. She’s just freaked out by Austin right now. Shelli says she doesn’t know about him either.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 17

Shelli tells Vanessa that any time she finds out important information, she is going to tell her first. She tells Vanessa about what Jackie said. She says Vanessa needs to be careful about Austin and they both need to be careful about what he hears. Vanessa says Austin should have consulted with them first before talking to Jackie.

Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli talk about nominations. Shelli says in Diary Room that she is worried about being dethroned as HoH because Liz would be in charge, and Austin would be running her game. Shelli is stressed out about nominations, especially putting Johnny Mac again. She sends Clay to go talk to him.

As Clay pulls John out of the bedroom, James says to Jason and Meg that “you know Johnny Mac is not the target” and they are like, of course, he never is.

Clay tells John that obviously he and Shelli trust him. He says they want to put him up with Jason. In Diary Room, Johny Mac wants to know why he has to keep cleaning up after them. John wants to know if he can throw the Battle of the Block. Clay says no because they want Jason to be the target. Clay says they hate to keep asking him to do this. In Diary Room, John says if they hate asking him to do it so much, stop doing it and put someone else up! He’s been nominated four times! When does he decide enough is enough and start playing his own game?

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 20

Shelli asks Audrey what she should do. Audrey says you have to do something justifiable and two people she wouldn’t mind going home. Audrey throws Jason under the bus as someone who has been talking against Shelli. Shelli says Jason looks like he’s expecting to go up. Audrey says yeah, he’s petrified, and that just makes it easier.

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